Bathroom renovation in a weekend: we tell you how

Did you know that you can renovate your bathroom without building work, thus avoiding the rubble and all the hassle that this entails? There are multiple economic and uncomplicated options that you can do yourself to turn your bathroom into a comfortable space, renovated and with personality.

No need to be an expert to transform easily and without works one of the rooms of the home that we see and use daily. If you are still wondering how to reform a bathroom without works, in this article we give you the keys to give a new look to this space quickly, economically and easily.

With our tips for bathroom reforms without works, you will have the bathroom you've always wanted in the blink of an eye, in less than a weekend! And for very little money. We give you the keys and you decide what you want.

Bathroom renovation with microcement in the shower wall
Microcement in minimalist bathroom Bathroom with microcement on gray floor

Four easy and inexpensive ideas to renovate your bathroom without any construction works

Reforming any room in the house involves many headaches, and in the case of the bathroom can even affect our routines. There are bathrooms that need a complete reform but others can gain a lot, completely transformed, or acquire personality with small touches like those we tell you below:

1. Paint for walls and tiles: a must in a bathroom renovation without works

A change of paint has a spectacular effect! One of the most common and striking renovations is undoubtedly to give a good coat of paint to the walls, a cheap and effective way to modernize your bathroom without reforms. We advise you not to be afraid to innovate and let yourself be carried away by the colors you like best for your bathroom. If, on the other hand, you prefer something more discreet and timeless, light tones will give more space and light to the room.

In addition, painting the ceiling can also achieve a similar effect, especially when we talk about light colors that have lost their luminosity. One thing is clear, the before and after reforming your bathroom without works thanks to the paint will be remarkable and striking.

On the other hand, when we think of an outdated bathroom, the first thing that comes to mind are the old tiles, worn and with colors that are no longer trendy. Did you think that the only way to renew them was through an expensive work and rubble?

Forget about removing tiles and use Smartcover tile paint. A paint that is very easy to apply, fast drying and available in up to 10 colors that will leave you speechless when you see the before and after of renovating your bathroom without construction work with it.

2. Move to the microcement floor and brand new bathroom without works

Raising the floor of our bathroom to change it for a new one can be very expensive and bring us many headaches, so why do it when we can give it a completely renovated look without works and for very little money? One of the most effective ideas to renovate a bathroom without works is the use of microcement.

Coating the bathroom floors with microcement is one of the favorite options for handymen who want to give a facelift to your home. Being one of the busiest areas of the home, it requires a material for the floor that is resistant. This is the case of microcement, which is highly resistant to traffic and wear. In addition, the absence of joints prevents the accumulation of dirt and thus facilitates the cleaning of the bathroom. It's all advantages!

And more in Smartcret, where we give you everything ready. With our ready-to-use microcement kits already pigmented, you can start your bathroom renovation project with just one click.

Bathroom with microcement on walls and floor

3. Covering the walls with microcement: a very practical idea to quickly bathroom renovations without any works

The bathroom is an area that suffers from constant environmental humidity, which is why it is so important to intelligently select the materials to be used. With Smartcret microcement this problem disappears completely, since one of its main advantages is its durability and resistance to environmental humidity, which makes it an excellent material to renovate your bathroom without the need for construction work and with low maintenance. In addition, as it has no joints, it is very easy to clean and prevents dirt from accumulating.

Also, aesthetically it offers many benefits because of its wide range of colors and finishes we can give an elegant and modern touch to our bathroom without sacrificing the convenience of a bathroom reform without works. Do not you decide? Here is our full range of colors.

Bathroom with white microcement on the wall
Bathroom renovation with microcement in two tones

4. Bathroom furniture, the great forgotten one

Paint can also help you renovate your bathroom furniture to make it as good as new in no time. With a coat of color and new handles you will give a new life to your bathroom without tedious works and for little money.

If you have already painted other areas of the room, take the opportunity to create combinations or contrasts with the full range of colors available, you will get amazing results in record time!

If on the other hand, the furniture in your bathroom are not in a position to reform or do not fit the new style you have decided in the reform of your bathroom without works, you have plenty of options on the market that will fit your budget.

In addition, a way to give a facelift to our bathroom easily and quickly is the use of shelves with organizers to clear the space and give a greater sense of neatness.

Finally, give it a touch of sophistication with towels playing with colors and shapes or adding some elements to place them as a wooden stool or a wicker basket that will give warmth to the space.

Microcement, the key for small size bathroom renovation without works

When we think of reforming a small bathroom without works, often we consider that being a small space can not do great things. One of the main reasons is the fear that it will seem much smaller when implementing the new changes. A "handicap" that we can turn into an opportunity and make the size does not matter.

With microcement you will not only reform your small bathroom without works, but you will give a greater sense of spaciousness and brightness. Who said mission impossible? In these cases, Smartcret ready-to-use microcement becomes our best ally, since, without the need for works, we can make small rooms such as the bathroom of 90% of mortals seem larger.

How is this achieved? The microcream, being a continuous and seamless coating, provides a greater effect of amplitude. In addition, its ability to enhance natural light as if intensified on it, will give your bathroom a greater effect of light that will be further enhanced if you choose soft tones like white, beige or gray for your bathroom reform without works.

The before and after of your bathroom renovation without works that you will find hard to believe

On many occasions it seems impossible the results that can be obtained by reforming a bathroom without works, until we see the before and after. If you are still swimming in skepticism, we encourage you to check out the different finishes you can achieve if you follow some of our tips and ideas for bathroom renovations without works.

Practical transformations, simple, spectacular to the eye and in exchange for very little time and money. Now you have no excuses, you can have a brand new bathroom in less than a weekend!

Now that you know the answer to how to reform a bathroom without works, economically and very fast, almost as fast as the speed of light, you only need to decide when you put your hands to the work. Do you dare?