Tile paint

You've lost track of how many times you've daydreamed about giving your old bathroom or kitchen tiles a makeover. But the thought of diving into a full-on renovation with all the construction hassle, time, and money involved always holds you back. Well, not anymore!

Introducing our Smartcover Tiles tile paint - your ticket to transforming your tiles in less time than it takes for a Sunday! It's quick, easy, budget-friendly, and DIY-friendly.

With 11 vibrant colors to choose from, the possibilities are endless for sprucing up your bathroom and kitchen tiles. Our innovative tile paint boasts super-fast drying and water-resistant features, ensuring a high-end finish with just two coats. What more could you ask for? It's time to make your tile dreams a reality!

Painting bathroom and kitchen tiles with Smartcover Tiles... and what else?

Smartcover Tiles is your go-to for jazzing up those tired bathroom and kitchen tiles that have been around longer than the mummies in Egypt and no longer suit our style for one reason or another. These tiles practically scream for a makeover, whether it's a fresh color or a whole new vibe with some tile paint magic!

But wait, there's more! Our tile paint works wonders on walls and ceilings adorned with double-fired ceramics, single-fired ceramics, porcelain stoneware, mosaic tiles, and even wood panels.

What's the result? A total transformation that's high-end, elegant, and flaunts a satin finish that steals the spotlight in any room. With Smartcover Tiles, you'll be believing in second chances all over again – and having a blast doing it!

Chica aplicando pintura cubreazulejos Smartcover Tiles con rodillo

Extra-fast drying tile paint

While we haven't quite cracked the secret formula of Coca-Cola, we're getting there. One of the standout features of Smartcover Tiles is its lightning-fast drying time. It's touch-dry in just 30 minutes, and between coats, you only need to wait 8 hours.

That's why Smartcover Tiles is the ideal choice for swiftly and affordably sprucing up the tiles in your bathroom and/or kitchen. You'll have the assurance and peace of mind of a quick finish. And let's be honest, who doesn't appreciate immediate results?

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Advantages of Smartcover Tiles tile paint

Fast Drying

Fast Drying

Our tile paint boasts a quick drying time. With just 8 hours between coats, it's faster than your favorite TV series!

Easy Application

Easy Application

Applying Smartcover Tiles couldn't be simpler. With a short-haired velourex roller or brush, you'll achieve great adhesion and excellent workability in just two coats.

Speedy Application

Speedy Application

Painting bathroom and kitchen tiles is a breeze with Smartcover Tiles. Two coats are all you need for complete coverage and an elegant finish. It's quicker than catching up on Netflix!

Easy to Clean

Easy to Clean

Smartcover Tiles is extremely easy to clean, effortlessly maintaining its perfect condition. Household cleaners can be used without any issue, although we recommend our Smart Cleaner for best results.



A standout feature, our tile paint is resistant to running water, eliminating the need for additional varnishes or sealers. Perfect for bathrooms!



Even though Smartcover Tiles is designed for indoor use, it remains unaffected by UV light and doesn't yellow. It's a versatile option for any space!

High Adhesion

High Adhesion

Our Smart Tiles offers excellent adhesion to the substrate, making application as easy as ABC.

Good Chemical Resistance

Good Chemical Resistance

Smartcover Tiles resists stains and splashes optimally for up to 2 hours after they occur. From oil to bleach, it stands up to everyday household substances! (See specifications in the technical data sheet). Isn't it wonderful?

Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally Friendly

Made with natural pigments and free of toxic components, Smartcover Tiles is an environmentally friendly choice for your renovation project.

Tile paint for Bathrooms

If your bathroom is in dire need of a makeover, Smartcover Tiles has the solution. With our tile paint, you can transform your bathroom in no time. Whether you're revamping the wall tiles or the floor tiles, you'll achieve a dramatic change quickly and effortlessly.

It's a practical, straightforward, and visually stunning transformation, all without breaking the bank or taking up too much of your time. Plus, there's the satisfaction of revitalizing a space with high aesthetic appeal.

Smartcover Tiles is a highly functional material for bathrooms, where tiles are abundant. One of its key benefits is its resistance to water, ensuring that your shower and bathtub tiles retain their aesthetic properties and performance over time.

Perfect for smaller bathrooms, a fresh coat of white or gray paint on existing tiles can completely refresh the space, making it appear brighter and more spacious.

And to drive the point home, we'll let the pictures do the talking. Check out real before-and-after examples from three bathrooms transformed with Smartcover Tiles tile paint.

¡The proof is in the tile!

Tile paint for Kitchens

They say big problems need big solutions, but not with Smartcover Tiles. Our handy trick offers a quick and simple fix that completely refreshes your space – just by painting those kitchen tiles.

Our tile paint can be used in lots of ways in kitchens, like covering up the tiles on the kitchen front, painting the wall tiles, or updating that old-fashioned border of colors and shapes – something everyone wants when sprucing up a kitchen.

Smartcover Tiles tile paint is the perfect choice for spicing up your kitchen quickly and affordably. It's great at repelling water and easy to clean, making it perfect for kitchen tiles that get covered in grease and grime every day.

Why make life hard with a full kitchen renovation when there's an easier option? We understand your time and money are valuable. Skip the hassle of ripping out and putting in new tiles, and check out the awesome before and after shots of these three kitchens for some inspiration!

Before and after renovated kitchen wall with tile paint in Kitchens
Kitchen renovation with Smartcover Tiles tile paint
Before and after applying tile paint in the kitchen

Tile paint Colors

With Smartcover Tiles, you can paint all kinds of tiles, even textured ones, thanks to our tile paint's excellent grip and adhesion. Just make sure the tiles, including the grout, are clean – you can use a brush for that. Are they clean and dry? Let's dive into tile painting!

Your only decision (and a delightful one) is picking the color to give your tiles a fresh new look. At Smartcover Tiles, we offer eleven tile paint colors, depending on the finish you're after.

We've chosen a range of neutral, elegant, and clean colors for our tile paint. From the warmth, spaciousness, and brightness of white – a popular choice for bathroom and kitchen tiles – to the sophistication, personality, and luxurious feel of black.

White and black are timeless tile paint colors. They each bring their own personality and character, working perfectly alone or together. They complement each other, adding depth to the rooms and highlighting textures, light, and visual details.

With our selection of tile paint colors and the satin finish they provide, Smartcover Tiles guarantees style in any space.

Embark on a journey of color from white to black and discover which hues inspire you to redecorate your home.

Smartcover Tiles color SC1
Smartcover Tiles color SC2
Smartcover Tiles color SC3
Smartcover Tiles color SC4
Smartcover Tiles color SC5
Smartcover Tiles color SC6
Smartcover Tiles color SC7
Smartcover Tiles color SC8
Smartcover Tiles color SC9
Smartcover Tiles color SC10

Our tile paint color chart doesn't stop at just white and black – we've got a whole range of shades including grays and browns, which are getting super popular for home tile makeovers.

Beige is all about comfort and relaxation while still keeping things classy in your home. And gray? It's the ultimate neutral for tile painting because it brightens up the space, goes with everything, and adds a chic vibe to your decor.

In our lineup, you'll find in-between shades rocking grayish-brown tones that bring the softness of sandy hues and the classy feel of darker grays.

And if you're into deeper tones, we've got chocolate brown – a color that's all about standing out with its unique flair and character. Mix it up with some bright furniture in your kitchen or bathroom, and you've got yourself a seriously unique space!

You're just a click away from the tiles of your dreams!

How to paint tiles with Smartcover Tiles

Painting your kitchen and bathroom tiles with Smartcover Tiles is really easy and comes with plenty of benefits. It's a quick, hassle-free, and budget-friendly way to give your spaces a whole new look in no time. Best of all, you can tackle the job yourself in just a few hours – no prior experience necessary!

So why wait to breathe new life into your bathroom and/or kitchen tiles? Follow our simple step-by-step guide, and before you know it, you'll be enjoying your freshly updated space in less time than it takes to listen to Spotify's Weekly Discovery playlist.

Surface of mosaic tiles to be painted with Smartcover Tiles tile paint.
Cleaning the surface before applying tile paint.


paso a paso aplicaciónGive the surface a thorough clean to get rid of any dust and grease. Rinse it with clean water and make sure it's completely dry. For a deeper clean, try our exclusive Smart Cleaner.

paso a paso aplicaciónUse adhesive tape to mark out the area you'll be painting.

Smartcover Tiles, pintura para azulejos
Aplicación con rodillo de pintura para azulejos Smartcover Tiles


agitar_iconGive Smartcover Tiles a good stir, then pour it into the tray. Dampen the roller and apply 2 coats of our tile paint. Remove the tape and let each coat dry for 8 hours.

agitar_iconIf you need more coverage, go ahead and add a third coat of Smartcover Tiles.

*If you need to fill in any joints, try our Smart Jointer joint filler in 0-2 mm, 2-5 mm, or 5-10 mm sizes.

¡Y voilà! That's how easy, fast, economical, and fun it is to renew and redecorate any space in your home by painting tiles and other materials with Smartcover Tiles.

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Frequently asked questions about Smartcover Tiles tile paint

Frequently asked questions about Smartcover Tiles tile paint

Before painting tiles, it's crucial to thoroughly clean the surface and remove any grease, especially in the kitchen. Without proper cleaning, the paint won't adhere well. To clean, simply use water and neutral soap, scrubbing with a sponge. For a deeper clean, we recommend using our exclusive Smart Cleaner.

If there's silicone residue, it must be removed, paying special attention to the grout joints to ensure they're clean. If the surface needs grout, use our Smart Jointer grout to avoid imperfections. Remember, Smartcover Tiles enhances tiles but doesn't remove them, so the grout joints must remain.

Once cleaned, thoroughly dry the surface before starting to paint.

Tile paint is commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens, but it can be used in any area with tiles or ceramics. The key requirement for proper adhesion is a clean, grease-free surface.

Even if the tiles are old, it's no problem. If the grout needs a touch-up, our Smart Jointer grout can be used to improve them for an even better result.

Smartcover Tiles is a standout paint known for its exceptional adhesion and long-lasting finish. Its formulas ensure a uniform surface without any marks.

Tile coverings are often found in areas prone to water exposure, like bathrooms or kitchens. That's why Smartcover Tiles is specifically designed with a high level of moisture resistance and can withstand direct water contact.

As such, Smartcover Tiles is exclusively formulated for painting tiles. Not all paints are suitable for this purpose.

Tile paint can be applied using a brush or roller. All you need is a bucket to pour the paint and some painter's tape to outline the surface and prevent splatters. While some tile paints may require a primer, that's not necessary with Smartcover Tiles.

You can find all the materials and products you need in our online store.

It's not necessary to use primer before painting tiles with Smartcover Tiles, even if you're painting mosaic, ceramics, etc. This is indeed an advantage because it saves you an extra step in the painting process.

If you choose another paint, you'll likely need to prime before painting the tiles, adding an additional step to your project.

Smartcover Tiles tile paint can be easily cleaned with any regular cleaning product. To avoid damaging the paint, it's best to use a soft sponge. This way, the paint won't lose any of its technical or decorative properties.

For optimal cleaning results, we recommend using our special Smart Cleaner.

The properties of Smartcover Tiles allow it to withstand direct water, making it an ideal product for showers, bathtubs, and kitchens. It repels water while maintaining all its technical characteristics.

Smartcover Tiles tile paint provides a satin finish.

It'ss a product that offers optimal technical features:

  • Repels water.
  • Unaffected by UV light.
  • Very easy to clean.
  • Good chemical resistance.

Just like any other material, the lifespan of Smartcover Tiles depends on its usage. In tiles located in bathrooms or kitchens that are not constantly cleaned and don't get dirty regularly, the paint can last more than a decade. However, in high-traffic areas like floors or showers, it would last approximately 3 to 5 years. It's important to note that this information is relative and can vary based on personal experiences. Nevertheless, Smartcover Tiles fulfills the function of providing an easy, economical, and durable renovation solution.

Smartcover Tiles has great resistance to ultraviolet rays and does not yellow from sun exposure or deteriorate over time.

Our Smartcover Tiles paint is renowned for its incredibly fast drying time. It dries to the touch in just half an hour. As for the drying time between coats, we recommend waiting 8 hours.

For optimal performance, we advise allowing the paint to complete its curing process, which typically takes around seven days.