Renovations without building work with

SMARTCRET Do It Yourself is the revolution in the world of decoration. It is a product designed to make a renovation without works and in an economical, fast and fun way.
and Doing It Yourself!

In Smartcret we make things easy for you because we know the world should not be that complicated.
Discover everything we have designed for you and start your renovation without building works with Smartcret.

Benefits of a renovation without construction work:

Quick renovation

Doing a renovation yourself and without the need to remove the existing material on the surface is not an advantage, it is an amazing advantage. This means much less time of renovation. In just a few hours or a few days you can have ready a renovation that with other material and means would take weeks or even months. Re-designing spaces is easier and faster than you think.

Clean renovation

The ease of being able to apply on top of existing materials on the surfaces we want to renovate, means that no debris is generated and, therefore, we have a clean renovation. Thus, we say goodbye to one of the most feared aspects when renovating our homes.

Economic renovation

Doing a renovation with Smartcret is much cheaper than any conventional renovation: you need fewer hours of work, the labor is your own and, by not having to remove existing materials, you save a lot of money and time.

Non-intrusive renovation

It is a reform without debris, which translates into a dust-free renovation. Therefore, it is not necessary to change your routine and move for a while to live somewhere else. The renovation with Smartcret allows you to continue with your habits and, moreover, with the peace of mind of not having professionals working in your home. Because this renovation is done by yourself.

High quality renovation

Renovations without building work have nothing to envy to conventional renovations. They offer many aesthetic benefits and, in addition, of high quality. They provide a very good result that leaves no one indifferent.

Renovation in any space

Smartcret's renovations are so versatile that they can be adapted to any space and surface. They can be done anywhere you can imagine: bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, walls or floors and even indoors and outdoors.

Reforms without constructio work with SMARTCRET: get inspired and renew your home

Traditional renovations are just as outdated as your house! Your home needs a complete makeover, and you're not willing (or able) to hire a company with all that it entails. Guess what? They weren't either! They have found the solution in reforms without construction work with Smartcret.

We show you real videos of before and after transformations of different areas of the house without construction work using our products. Kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, floors, walls, fireplaces... Radical, effective, and totally #realDIY transformations in a matter of days.

You will improve the appearance of your home by much less than you imagine. Get the home you want and deserve without being limited by building work and budget constraints. Are you ready to become a lover of reforms without construction work and DIY?

Our products for a renovation without construction work

We design products that allow for a quick, enjoyable, and much more affordable renovation without building work than a typical renovation.

What do you prefer?


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Testimonials from our clients

Enric Yagüe

I can assure you that Smartcret is the solution for the "handyman" who is starting out. Following all the steps in the application guide, it has turned out fantastic.


Enric Yagüe

Patricia Hernandez

Without being a handywoman, but following the manufacturer's instructions, I have been able to renovate the bathroom in my house for very little money.


Patricia Hernandez

Fede Siscar

Fantastic, this material is extraordinarily easy to apply and quick to dry. A perfect material not to complicate you with expensive works.


Fede Siscar