Smartcret is a manufacturer of ready-to-use microcement

At Smartcret Do It Yourself we believe that everyone has the right to have the home of their dreams without having to take out a lifetime mortgage. We firmly believe that renovating your home, or building it from scratch, does not have to be and in fact should not be expensive. That is why we are ready-to-use microcement manufacturers.

From our microcement factory in Pobla de Vallbona (Valencia), we make many people's dreams come true. Thanks to our product easy and quick to apply, and above all economical, anyone can completely renovate your home in a matter of days or even hours thus saving time and money.

The rapid transformation of spaces is guaranteed with the ready-to-use microcement that we manufacture. A versatile product that can be applied on walls and floors of any room in the home with an infinite number of colors, textures and finishes.

The Smartcret ready to use microcement can also be used on ceilings and even furniture such as countertops. A product suitable for both interiors and exteriors that can be placed without problems on ceramic, marble, tiles, tiles, plasterboard or terrazzo.

Whatever your ideal home project is, with Smartcret Do It Yourself's ready-to-use and grouted microcement it is possible.

Smartcret ready-to-use microcement factory

The fact that our ready-to-use microcement factory is located in Spain provides unbeatable quality standards. A production that is constantly supervised by experts in our facilities in order to certify the highest quality of our products.

Excellent materials that meet the needs of each individual and designed with natural materials with which we do our part to achieve a healthier planet. A policy of sustainability to which our packaging is added.

The microcement kits are fully prepared and pigmented to speed up and facilitate the process. You only have to open the package of the filled microcement and apply it on the chosen surface. Once finished, the package is closed again until, if there is material left over, it can be used again. It couldn't be easier.

Virtues ready-to-use microcement manufactured by Smartcret

Variety of colors and finishes

The ready-to-use microcement manufactured by Smartcret comes in up to 35 colors. A variety of colors that, together with the different finishes depending on the varnish, allows to obtain unique and totally customized creations.


Our ready to use microcement is ideal for renovating bathrooms or kitchens, thanks to its good resistance to running water and household cleaning agents. With the use of our Smart Varnish, the surface becomes waterproof.

Simple and quick to use

Happiness is knowing how to appreciate the simple things in life, and the ready-to-use microcement we manufacture is one of those things. Its quick and easy application allows anyone with no previous experience to use Smartcret.

Hard and resistant

Beyond the beauty of its finishes, we manufacture a ready-to-use microcement that stands out for its hardness and resistance. Renovate rooms with Smartcret is to ensure a decorative coating for many, many years.

Compatible with all types of substrates

Only parquet and wood do not get along well with the ready-to-use microcement that we manufacture. A great adhesion that makes it very easy to transform surfaces in an instant.

Saving time

The fact that it is not necessary to carry out building work is a great time saver. And if there is something we value when we carry out renovations at home is precisely that.

Suitable for all budgets

Smartcret ready-to-use microcement is very economical and, therefore, suitable for all budgets.

We manufacture ready-to-use microcement for everyone

From our ready-to-use microcement factory in Valencia, we supply our products worldwide with an excellent delivery service.

We work with the best transport companies both nationally and internationally, so that anyone no matter where you live, have access to our ready-to-use microcement as soon as possible and with full guarantees.

We ship the ready-to-use microcement we manufacture to any city in the world at the best market rates, to ensure that the cost of shipping is not an impediment.


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