Best kitchen tiles ideas for 2022: start now your DIY project

Do you need some ideas for your kitchen tiles? Here you have some of them to give them a radical change, without building work, economically and in less than the time it takes for a Sunday nap. How? By painting them!

And is that the paint for kitchen tiles can be applied both on walls and floors. The best thing? Its easy cleaning and maintenance as well as its great resistance and impermeability. And you can do it yourself! Likewise, there is a wide variety of colors so that, when painting kitchen tiles, you can choose the one that best suits your decorative needs.

If you are still doubting whether painting your kitchen tiles is the best option for the renovation of this room, do not miss this article. We give you seven ideas to clear your doubts. Let's go there!

7 kitchen tile ideas for every decorative style

Tiles can become a key element in the decorative system of a kitchen. With their geometric shapes, usually square or rectangular, they adapt to any style in the same way they do to any wall.

1- 80's decor? Painting the kitchen tiles is a great idea

Narrow kitchens and coated with tiles with ornate prints are not the most advisable to provide a greater sense of spaciousness and brightness. If this is your problem, it has an easy solution.

Choose the color that best suits your tastes and paint your kitchen tiles completely. You will be able to give it a totally renewed air, giving it a feeling of light and a more open and spacious space.

Using brown color for kitchen tiles is an idea
Beige for kitchen tiles is a good idea Gray tile paint on kitchen tiles is big idea

2- Paint the kitchen tiles in several colors, a winning idea!

An advice. Do not hesitate to combine colors when painting kitchen tiles. Including vibrant colors in your kitchen is a great option to create a fun atmosphere with a lot of personality.

Don't be afraid! Choose the shades that you like how they work together and strike a balance and get to work! When you're done, you won't know how you've been able to live so long without the kitchen of your dreams just by using kitchen tile paint.

If you want to give even more prominence to the color scheme, pay special attention to the highlights. They will be a total success when it comes to highlight any combination.

In addition, if you have a baseboard in the lower area you can play with the color and contrast the rest in another tone. This will be enhanced even more if you have a border, which you can leave in another color or integrate it. We leave it to your choice, since the combinations to paint the kitchen tiles are endless.

3-Renovation of the backsplash with kitchen tile paint

The front of the countertop is one of the most striking parts of the kitchen and where the changes are most noticeable, especially if we only want to modify a small part with paint for kitchen tiles.

We give you the ideas, you decide according to your style. Opt for light colors to give more amplitude to the area or use the same color to paint the kitchen tiles as your countertop. You will bring uniformity and a sense of space without visual barriers.

4- Hand-painting tiles; another wonderful idea

Are you up for a challenge? Then this is for you. If you want to have an exclusive tile design that suits your tastes 100%, why not do it yourself? You will have endless options when painting kitchen tiles by hand: geometric patterns, imitation of hydraulic floors, designs to frame the boundaries of the room, floral compositions and endless options.

But, if you think you lack practice and don't dare to hand paint a design on your kitchen tiles, you can create and use a stencil to get the design you are looking for while minimizing the risk of mistakes.

Your kitchen will be truly unique by hand painting kitchen tiles!

5- Rustic style for kitchen tiles: an idea full of warmth

Sometimes, rustic and traditional style kitchens seem tricky for us to update because they can feel a bit cluttered and dark.

Take advantage of existing natural materials such as exposed beams and wood cabinetry to contrast with the renovated tiles when painting kitchen tiles. You'll get a more uniform, polished look for very, very little money.

6- Boho style for your kitchen tiles: a customizable idea

If textured finishes and "imperfections" are your thing, you won't be able to resist applying kitchen tile paint with free forms, strokes with different intensities and several colors of the same range.

You will enhance the vintage or boho chic style in the blink of an eye in an economical way with paint for kitchen tiles. If you also add decorative elements such as plants or a set of old style pots in sight will be a success.

7- Accent wall, fun idea for your kitchen tiles

If we find our kitchen a bit boring, we can give it a something different by painting the kitchen tiles on a specific wall. This is how you will get what is called an accent wall, a technique used to create a visual impact depending on the result you are looking for.

If you want to gain depth, connect or separate environments, frame spaces, bring warmth to the space.... The ideal is that the wall you want to highlight with paint for kitchen tiles is a space that attracts all eyes when you enter the room.

Of course, whenever possible, avoid choosing walls with doors or windows, as they tend to counteract the block effect you want to create.

The 4 most popular colors to renew your kitchen tiles

The color chosen for the decoration of a kitchen can be one of the main ingredients to make it more attractive and combine perfectly with the furniture, the floor and even the exterior.

The good thing is that among the most popular colors, you have to choose a very long chromatic chart to help you create the space to your liking but that leaves with the best taste in the mouth of everyone who is in it.

Green, picnic at home

This color has become very fashionable because of its connotations. Besides combining with many other colors, in different shades it can bring calm and freshness.
Using this color in certain tones will create a space in which it seems that we are having a picnic on the lawn and surrounded by trees.

Pink, for the chicest kitchens

Who said that kitchens can't have a modern and extravagant touch? Of course they can! By choosing pink to paint the tiles on the walls, you can leave those who see it with their mouths open, as it will invite them to have a drink surrounded by distinction and freshness. Something like a glass of champagne.

Black and white, for elegant kitchens

There are no written rules for elegance in spaces. So why not use a combination of black and white to fill your kitchen with sophistication? Keep in mind that these colors complement each other perfectly and never go out of style.

Orange, for vitaminized and natural kitchens

As if they were orange juice, applying this color in the kitchen leaves rooms full of joy creating a positive atmosphere in a natural way. In addition, when it comes into contact with the outside light, the effect that is produced fills us with vitality.

Smartcover Tiles paint, a trendy idea for your kitchen tiles

If you have already decided which ideas are your favorites and you are ready to put them into practice, we recommend our Smartcover Tiles kitchen tile paint. You'll see, in just 1 afternoon the walls and floors will be completely dry and ready. Immediate results? I say yes!

Advantages of using Smartcover Tiles over your kitchen tiles

You only need to allow 2 to 3 hours of drying time between coats, just enough time for a good snack and a good recovery.

Smartcover Tiles is so quick and easy to apply that you'll be finished long before your school art projects.

Don't worry about weathering when painting kitchen tiles. They'll stay looking like new using regular household cleaners - don't mess around!

Water won't be a problem. Smartcover Tiles is resistant to running water, a must when it comes to rooms like the kitchen.

Forget about going with lead feet. Your tiles won't be damaged no matter what, thanks to the abrasion and scratch resistance of our kitchen tile paint.

And if that's not enough, you have 10 colors to choose from - go crazy with joy!

Black for an kitchen tiles is a good idea Light gray for kitchen tiles is a great idea Black for kitchen tiles is a great idea

How to cover kitchen tiles with Smartcover Tiles paint

Have you already decided on the color and tiles you want to paint? Let's get started. We explain step by step how to paint kitchen tiles in a jiffy thanks to Smartcover Tiles. Let's go!

1. Clean and degrease the surface on which you are going to apply the kitchen tile paint. Use degreasing products so that grease or oils that accumulate on the tiles are not a problem.

2. Once clean, we recommend placing masking tape to delimit the surface to be painted and avoid unwanted stains. If you need to cover any joints, you can use our Smart Jointer flashing.

3. Now it is time to paint the kitchen tiles with the Smartcover Tiles color of your choice. Once the surface is painted, leave it for 2 to 3 hours, check that it is dry and apply another coat.

4. Now that you have the second coat of kitchen tile paint applied, you only need to remove the adhesive tape and allow 2 to 3 hours to dry.

5. Allow 24 to 48 hours for Smartcover Tiles to dry and 7 days for it to reach its maximum performance. Now you can relax and pour your favorite drink to celebrate a job well done.

Smartcover Tiles is the best idea for your kitchen tiles - no more excuses to start renovating!

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