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Smartcover Tiles Paint

Smartcover Tiles paint

If your tiles could talk, they would scream for a good repair. We have the solution so you don't have to get rid of them and get into costly building works. Meet Smartcover Tiles, our paint for tiles with which you will give a second life to your old tiles in just 2-3 hours without building works. A highly recommended paint for coating bathroom and kitchen tiles, since this paint is waterproof, a real blast! And it is available in 10 colors.

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Microcement kit for non absorbent surfaces 8 m2

Smart Kit non-absorbent surfaces 8 m2

Want to give a second life to your marble, terrazzo or tile wall or floor? We also have a ready-to-use microcement kit specifically for you to renovate up to 8 meters of any non-absorbent surface. Visualize the color and finish you want, we already take care of the rest. Start enjoying, out with your worries. The countdown has already started!

372.64 € VAT included

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Microcement kit for absorbent surfaces 8 m2

Smart Kit absorbent surfaces 8 m2

You only live once, so in Smartcret we make it very easy for you to have quickly and for very little money the house you always dreamed of. Stop dreaming! With our customized ready-to-use microcement kits we give you everything you need so that your only concern is to choose when to start. With this kit you can renovate up to 8 meters of absorbent surfaces such as plaster or plasterboard.

383.87 € VAT included

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Tools Kit to apply microcement

Smart Tool Kit

Decorating your home with Smartcret will be an experience. We guarantee it. In this kit you will find all the tools you need to apply our microcement ready to use. Time to enjoy handy people of the world!

79.45 € VAT included


Ready to use microcement pigmented base Smart Base

Smart Base 6 Kg

You are 3 steps away from the house of your dreams. And the first and most important is to choose the microcement ready to use Smart Base preparation to cover the surface you want. This microcement is fully pigmented with the color you like from Elegance Colection. Choose a color and start creating!

71.39 € VAT included

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Ready to use finishing pigmented microcement Smart Liso

Smart Liso 6 Kg

You're that much closer to start living in your new home. With Smart Liso, our ready-to-use finishing microcement, you will give the final touch to your renovation. It is placed on top of Smart Base and is also pigmented with your Elegance Colection color. Let's get to work!

73.81 € VAT included

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Tile and stoneware flashing smart jointer

Smart Jointer

Smart Jointer is a tile and stoneware flashing, ideal for filling tile and stoneware joints in kitchens and bathrooms. Thanks to its excellent adhesion, it can also be used on ceramic, concrete, brick, mortar, plaster or plasterboard, even outdoors.

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Primer for absorbent surfaces Smart Primer ABS

Smart Primer ABS 1L

Can't wait to say goodbye to your plaster and gyspum panels? It's not too late to give your home a new look. With the primer for absorbent surfaces Smart Primer Abs you will ensure that the Smartcret ready-to-use microcement adheres better to floors and walls.

from 13.31 € VAT included

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Primer for non-absorbent surfaces Smart Primer Grip

Smart Primer Grip

If you've had enough of marble, terrazzo or tile, you need Smart Primer Grip. With this specific primer for non-absorbent surfaces, you'll clear the way for the new Smartcret ready-to-use microcement coating, which will adhere more easily.

45.98 € VAT included


Ready-to-use water-based polyurethane varnish Smart Varnish

Smart Varnish

Now you are just in the blink of an eye away from start living in your new home. All you have to do is protect the wall, floor or furniture you have decorated with our ready-to-use microcement, and you won't even have to roll up your sleeves! With our ready-to-use polyurethane varnish Smart Varnish, available in matte or satin finish, you will have a new wall or floor for life. Let's get ready for the first time!

from 65.34 € VAT included

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Ready-to-use microcement cleaner Smart Cleaner

Smart Cleaner

With our ready-to-use microcement cleaner Smart Cleaner, your microcement wall or floor will be as clean as a whistle. An ecological and biodegradable cleaner that is capable of removing even the most difficult and persistent dirt in a heartbeat. Dirt, get out of here!

41.14 € VAT included

Microcement maintenance wax Smart Wax

Smart Wax

Smart Wax is a maintenance wax with which your microcement wall or floor will shine brighter than diamonds. It will provide natural shine and extra hardness to the surface, a 2 for 1 for life!

39.93 € VAT included


Sanding disc 40 grit (pack 5 pcs.)

Sanding disc 40 grit (pack 5 pcs.)

6.17 € VAT included

Sanding disc 220 grit (pack 10 pcs.)

Sanding disc 220 grit (pack 10 pcs.)

12.40 € VAT included

Sanding disc 400 grit (pack 5 pcs.)

Sanding disc 400 grit (pack 5 pcs.)

6.17 € VAT included

Microcement sanding glove

Sanding glove 15cm Smartcret

13.33 € VAT included

Microcement spatula 8 cm

Microcement spatula 8 cm

6.17 € VAT included

Protective adhesive tape

Protective adhesive tape 30mm

2.43 € VAT included

Stainless steel trowel for microcement

Stainless steel trowel for microcement

38.72 € VAT included

Rubber trowel for microcement

Rubber trowel for microcement

20.57 € VAT included

Flat tray 18 cm

Flat tray 18 cm Smartcret

2.43 € VAT included

Roller handle

Roller handle 15cm Smartcret

1.94 € VAT included

Varnishing roller

Varnishing roller 15cm Smartcret

3.68 € VAT included

Do it yourself! The microcement and tile painting shop that makes it easy for you

Ready-to-use microcement application on walls

In Smartcret we put within everyone's reach an easy, comfortable and do it yourself reform. In our store of microcement and paint for tiles you will find all the necessary products to carry out the transformation of your home that you have been wanting to do for so long.

Products 100% manufactured in Spain and ready to use. In our microcement and tile paint shop, we make it easy for you to make your projects a reality. There are no more excuses!

In the Smartcret microcement shop we provide ready to use microcement kits, fully pigmented, to be used on a wide variety of surfaces: tiles, marble, plaster, plasterboard, etc. Products very easy to use, but with professional finishes.

A microcement shop where you can buy all the essential products in the application process: primers, varnishes and even a complete tool kit so that you do not miss anything. You will get spectacular results at the best price on the market.

A tile paint shop also thanks to Smartcover Tiles, our exclusive tile paint. A quick-drying product, impermeable to running water and with excellent resistance. It can also be applied on microcement, wood and metal, among many other substrates.

In short, a microcement and tile painting store designed by and for you. Because in Smartcret we want to help you make your renovation easier. Ready to enjoy?


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