Smart Cleaner. Cleaner for microcement surfaces

Microcement cleaner Smart Cleaner 5L

A unique and highly concentrated cleaner, ecological and biodegradable... Sounds good huh!

Luckily there is the Smart Cleaner microcement cleaner that will make everyday cleaning in your home a simple task.

Your microcement always impeccable with the Smart Cleaner microcement cleaner.


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SKU: SC0700 / Category: Maintenance and Cleaning

Description Smart Cleaner microcement cleaner 5L

The highly concentrated Smart Cleaner microcement cleaner is very effective against persistent dirt. It can be used on ready to use microcement surfaces or any other material.

The composition of Smart Cleaner microcement cleaner is ecological and biodegradable, allowing cleaning with low environmental impact and pollutant residues.

PVP: 41.14 €

Beneficios del limpiador de microcemento Smart Cleaner 5L

  • Limpiador de microcemento con composición ecológica.
  • Composición biodegradable del limpiador de microcemento.
  • Altamente eficaz con la suciedad difícil y persistente.

Application of Smart Cleaner microcement cleaner 5L

  1. Use 40 - 50 mL of Smart Cleaner microcement cleaner per 5L of water.
  2. Apply Smart Cleaner microcement cleaner with mop and rinse.


Before performing the cleaning treatment with Smart Cleaner microcement cleaner, wait at least two weeks from the application of Smart Varnish to ensure proper curing and avoid damaging the microcement.

Additional information Smart Cleaner 5L microcement cleaner

  • Nature Non-ionic surfactants
  • Appearance Clear liquid
  • Color Green
  • pH 9 - 10
  • Density 1,03 ± 0,01 g/mL

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