Tile Paint

Can you imagine that you could make that corner of your home that you like so much new whenever you want?

We all need at some point to redistribute the furniture, change colors or even reform everything to give it a new style.

And is that a change of scenery is good for everyone, but we can not always invest energy, time and money in a reform.

That's why Smartcover is here: we offer you a very quick, very easy, very economical and do-it-yourself home renovation!

Our Smartcover tile paint has been exclusively designed to redecorate your home in just a few hours.

With only two coats of application, Smartcover allows you to cover the surface and achieve a totally different and highly decorative design.

It offers endless possibilities and is available in 10 different colors.

Where can we apply

Its main function is to cover tiles, that material that has been dressing our bathrooms and kitchens for 15461145 years and that no longer go with our style. These spaces are crying out to us to give them a redesign and change their color or style with tile paint.

But Smartcover can also be applied on walls, floors, ceilings and furniture and cover materials such as concrete, microcement or wood.

The result? A completely new, highly decorative and elegant design with a silk-effect matte finish that makes it the centre of attention in any room.

Quick-drying paint

One of the features of Smartcover is its fast drying time.
In only 2-3 hours it offers a total drying of the surface.

This makes it the perfect material for a quick renovation without building work and with the peace of mind of knowing that in the same day you can have a total renovation.

Who doesn't like to have immediate results?

I want to start my quick makeover!

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Bathroom tile paint

One of the most common places to use tile paint is in bathrooms. It is much easier, more convenient and quicker to renew the style by covering the existing tiles with another color than to spend weeks on a renovation work.

In addition, one of the great benefits of Smartcover is that it withstands direct water without losing its aesthetic properties or its high performance.

This allows its application in showers and bathtubs with the total confidence of being surrounded by a quality material that does not spoil or wear out easily.

And above all with the illusion of being in a new environment with high aesthetic values.

Kitchen tile paint

Painting tiles in kitchens is another of the preferred options in the renovation of spaces.

Covering the splashback, the walls and even covering that border of colors and shapes that star the room is usually one of the most recurrent desires.

Smartcover is the ideal option to redecorate in a very fast and economical way the kitchen and offer a different and elegant style.

Its great ability to repel water and the ease of cleaning and maintenance it offers makes it suitable for places where grease and dirt are present.

Undoubtedly, the paint for tiles in the kitchen is a sure hit.

Secado Rápido

Extra fast drying

Our tile paint has an extra fast drying.
Just 2-3 hours of drying between coats is enough.

Fácil de Aplicar

Easy to apply

Smartcover can be applied with a roller, brush or spray gun in only two coats. It is a smooth material with very good workability.

Rápido de Aplicar

Quick to apply

Only two coats of application are sufficient to achieve total coverage and an elegant finish.

Fácil mantenimiento y limpieza

Easy maintenance and cleaning

It is an extremely easy material to maintain and clean.
It can be cleaned with common household cleaners.
It is highly resistant to stains and splashes.

Soporta agua directa

Withstands direct water

Its technical characteristics repel water without the need to use varnishes.

Alta resistencia a los rayos UV

High resistance to UV rays

It does not yellow due to exposure to ultraviolet rays and does not deteriorate with the passage of time.

Adherencia a todo tipo de soportes

High hardness

Resistant material with great adherence to the substrate.

Alta resistencia a la abrasión

High resistance to abrasion and scratching.

Its high mechanical resistance protects it against abrasion. In addition, it allows a good maintenance free of scratches.

Respetuoso con el medioambiente

Environmentally friendly

Smartcover is manufactured with natural pigments free of toxic components and does not produce any type of damage to the environment in its manufacture.