Smart Kit Non-absorbent surfaces

Smart Kit Content Non-absorbent surfaces 8m2:

  • 1 Smart Jointer
  • 1 Smart Primer GRIP
  • 3 Smart BASE in the color of your choice from Elegance Collection
  • 1 Smart LISO in the color you choose from Elegance Collection
  • 5 sandpaper 40 grit
  • 10 sandpaper 220 grit
  • 5 sandpaper 400 grit
  • 1 Smart Varnish (matte or satin)

Tools required for the application:

Velourex rollers, rubber trowel, steel trowel, spatula, masking tape, bucket.

Smart Kit non-absorbent surfaces 8 m2

Here is our Smartcret product kit ready to use to renovate your home. Just open, apply and use - it's so easy!

It contains everything you need for an 8m2 renovation on absorbent surfaces (plaster or plasterboard).

Select the color and finish you prefer (matte or satin) and we will make the kit customized for you. So you don't have to worry about anything else but just a brand new room.

299,00€ VAT included

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