Protective adhesive tape

Protective adhesive tape 30MM

17.31€ VAT included

If there is something that worries us in a reform are the damages that can be caused. The protective adhesive tape is perfect for framing and protecting surfaces during the application of ready to use microcement and tile paint.

The adhesive on the masking tape is designed to leave no residue when peeled off.


Description 30MM protective adhesive tape

The protective adhesive tape 30 MM has an easy placement to protect any surface and simple to remove without leaving adhesive residue elements. Due to its composition in paper and adhesive on the inner side is very easy to place and does not damage the bottom surface.

Adaptation to all types of corners or joints to protect the area. High resistance to the impregnation of microcement and Smartcover tile paint.

PVP: 2.31 €

Uses and applications protective adhesive tape 30MM

The protective adhesive tape is used to delimit the surface of the substrate where the product is going to be applied. Before applying the protective adhesive tape, the surface to be renewed must be thoroughly cleaned. The tape should be removed immediately after application of the ready to use microcement and the tile paint, or wait for it to dry completely.

This protective adhesive tape can be used in multiple painting jobs, DIY or decoration for the protection of surfaces due to its low adhesive residue when removed. It adheres to any type of surface.

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