Smartcret 15 cm Sealer Roller

Roller to apply sealer of 15 CM

18.81€ EU VAT included

Replacement roller to apply sealer on any type of surface.

This sealer roller is suitable for small product loads and application on all types of surfaces and angles. Specially designed for synthetic and water-based enamels.


Description sealer roller 15 CM

Replacement 15CM sealer application roller replacement for stainless steel handle with ergonomic design. The sealer application roller is specially designed for the application of Smart Varnish, Smartcover tile paint or primers.

The sealer roller replacement is made of polyester fiber with rounded ends to prevent marking during application.

Sealer roller replacement provides a fine finish in the application of enamels with improved performance. Specially designed for synthetic and waterborne enamels.

Uses and applications 15 cm sealer roller

The 15CM polyester fiber sealer roller is used in the application of Smart Primer Grip and Smart Primer ABS primers.

The sealer roller is also used with Smart Varnish sealer and Smartcover tile paint.

Specially designed for the application of synthetic and waterborne enamels. The sealer roller should be washed with water immediately after use.

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