Roller handle 15 CM Smartcret

Roller handle 15 CM

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Applying a product is easier thanks to the roller handle. Its ergonomic handle and steel fork are the perfect combination of strength and light weight.

The roller handle is ideal for even application on a large number of surfaces. This roller handle is available with custom-designed refills for reuse.


Description roller handle 15 CM

Roller handle 15 CM with steel design and ergonomic plastic handle for roller refills. Specially designed for sealer roller in the application of Smart Varnish, Smartcover tile paint or primers.

The roller handle is ideal for time-saving painting of medium and small surfaces. The roller handle is very easy to use. Impregnate the material by sliding it into the bucket containing the product. Once soaked, remove the excess liquid before passing it over the surface for a homogeneous finish.

Uses and applications roller handle 15 CM

The 15 CM roller handle is designed for polyester fiber roller refills. Its ergonomic design facilitates the application of products such as Smart Varnish, Smartcover tile paint or Smart Primer Grip and Smart Primer ABS primers.

Tips for roller handle application:

  • Do not apply excessive pressure with the roller handle on the wall to avoid creating drips or stains.
  • Use a roller handle extension to reach hard-to-reach areas.
  • Protect the floor when applying the roller handle to avoid drip stains.
  • A first coat vertically and a second coat horizontally is recommended to ensure proper paint distribution with the roller handle.

The roller handle should be washed with water immediately after use.

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