Sanding disc 400 grit (pack 5 units) Smartcret

400 grit sanding disc (pack 5 pcs.)

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The 400 grit sanding discs are perfect for sanding Smart Liso and Smart Varnish application layers.

By adapting to any vertical or horizontal surface, the sanding disc makes the sanding process more comfortable and precise. Product designed for easy sanding and fast material removal. The best ally to achieve a great finish.


Description 400 grit sanding disc (pack 5 pcs.)

The 400 grit sanding disc has been specially manufactured to adhere to the 150 mm sanding glove for manual sanding of microcement surfaces. This grit of the sanding disc is mainly used for polishing the surface after the application of Smart Varnish and Smart Liso.

The degree of durability and strength of the 400 grit sanding disc will depend on the material on which it is used. In addition to the uses mentioned above, the 400 grit sanding disc can be used for sanding between coats and filing any roughness that may remain after an application has been completed.

Uses and applications 400 grit sanding disc (5-pack)

The 400 grit sanding discs are used to sand the first 2 coats of Smart Liso and Smart Varnish.

When using the sanding discs it is recommended to wear protective goggles, gloves and a mask to avoid inhaling the sanding residues.

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