Smartcret 18 CM flat bucket

Flat bucket 18 CM

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For the application of some products such as Smartcover paint or Smart Primer ABS, the flat trough is a must.

Thanks to the wide base of the flat trough, roller applications are easier and faster. Flat trough with grid area to unload the product from the roller or brush.


Description flat bucket 15X18 CM

Flat 15X18 CM plastic bucket designed for easy application of products with roller or brush such as Smartcover tile paint, Smart Varnish or Smart Primer Grip and Smart Primer ABS. Ergonomic silver bucket rim for easy handling and use.

This tool is essential to be able to load brushes and rollers in a correct way avoiding product accumulation. The flat bucket has two areas, one where the material is poured and the other where the roller discharges the excess for a homogeneous application of the product without stains.

Flat bucket designed for rollers and brushes of medium or small size.

Uses and applications 18 cm flat bucket

The 18 CM plastic flat bucket is used for better and easier application of Smartcover tile paint, Smart Varnish and Smart Primer Grip and Smart Primer ABS primers.

To use it, pour the product to be applied into the deep area of the flat trough. Impregnate the roller and remove the excess product in the grid area.

The flat bucket should be washed with water immediately after use. Due to its plastic surface, it is generally not difficult to remove the excess product.

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