Smart Container: 55 litre Bucket

Smart Container: 55 litre Bucket

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The Smart Container is much more than just a simple bucket! Made from high-quality copolymer polypropylene, it’s incredibly sturdy and durable, perfect for storing Smartcret microcement kits. But its versatility goes far beyond that.

Need a place to store your kids’ toys? The Smart Container is perfect. Looking for a makeshift cooler for those summer nights at the beach? Fill it with ice and drinks, and you’re ready to party. Thinking about adding a new plant to your home? Turn the Smart Container into a unique planter.

Give your Smart Container a second life and explore all the fun and practical ways it can make your life easier. Unlock its full potential.


Description of the Smart Container: 55 litre Bucket

The Smart Container is a bucket with a usable volume of 55 litres and a total capacity of 59 litres when filled to the brim. Made from copolymer polypropylene, it’s white and weighs 2160 grams. This makes it a practical and durable choice for a variety of storage and transport needs.

Uses and applications of the Smart Container: 55 litre Bucket

The Smart Container is a versatile bucket for various tasks around the home and garden. With its 55-litre capacity, you can store and transport liquids, tools, and construction materials with ease. Crafted from durable copolymer polypropylene, it's sturdy enough to handle any project, whether indoors, outdoors, or in the garage.

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