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At Smartcret we support the Do It Yourself to implement a new concept of renovation in which any person, without previous experience, can renovate their home by themselves without any work.

An innovative concept that represents a (r)evolution in the world of decoration. And now, you can help us to expand it by becoming a distributor.

Our products, easy to apply but of professional quality, demystify the idea that something good has to be expensive. We firmly believe that everyone deserves to have the home they want without their purchasing power being an obstacle. And at Smartcret we help make your dreams come true.

We are transgressors by nature, but above all a successful company that listens to people's needs and brings them products that satisfy them. We evolve at the pace of changing consumer trends. An innovation intrinsic to our DNA. Are you going to be left behind?

Pedido Smartcret
Pedido Smartcret

Homeowners take control of their homes...

Consumers want to save on costs, so they are looking for cheaper alternatives with which to renovate their homes quickly and economically. Smartcret more than meets their expectations, with the added virtue of doing it without building work and by themselves.

...to live an authentic experience

Smartcret goes far beyond transforming a space. We do not limit ourselves to manufacturing decorative coverings. We give emotions. The user becomes the center of everything, the absolute protagonist during the whole process of the renovation of his home. From start to finish, to live an unforgettable experience.

Benefits of being a Smartcret distributor

Smartcret is a proven company with an international reputation. If you join the distributor network, you will bring great added value to your business. You will be a more innovative company, more competitive and more attractive to your potential customers.

Technical assistance in the first steps, and the following ones

We will accompany you. From the beginning of your partnership with Smartcret you will have technical advice at your disposal. We will help and guide you in everything you need.

The best price, guaranteed

We offer you a highly profitable business, because we want to grow with you. We set a competitive price for you and, above all, an affordable and accessible cost for your customers.

Products with high market demand

Consumers are increasingly demanding Do It Yourself renovations. We offer you highly demanded products that respond to the changing trend in the sector. With our ready-to-use microcement and our high performance paints you will increase your sales exponentially.

Professional quality materials

Decorative coatings for the individual but with quality and professional level finishes. A Win-Win strategy.

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