Bathroom tile ideas that are cool and trendy

Whether you are a handyman, as if it is the first project of the reform of your home, paint the bathroom tiles is what you need for your bathroom renovation plan. You will not spend a fortune, the change will leave you with your mouth open and you will avoid unnecessary headaches.

In addition, you will gain a feeling of spaciousness and get a more careful, modern and adapted to your tastes with these ideas to paint the bathroom tiles that we have for you.

Are you ready to see how these bathroom tile ideas can completely transform your toilet? And almost as fast as wishing upon a shooting star.

6 Bathroom tile ideas that you wish you had known earlier

Sometimes, it seems that the bathroom is one of the parts of the house to which we spend less time when decorating our home. This is often due to its size, which tends to be small and we believe it limits us creatively, despite making use of the room continuously.

Already had the hammer in your hand to make your bathroom a catastrophe with a traditional reform? STOP.

If you want to make your bathroom brand new again without spending a fortune, without building work and have it ready in an afternoon? bathroom tile paint is undoubtedly your solution.

Paint bathroom tiles in gray color
White bathroom tile paint

1- Paint bathroom tiles for a designer room

If your bathroom has old-fashioned tiles and a somewhat outdated color, you can give it a completely renewed look by painting the bathroom tiles at lightning speed.

Likewise, if you opt for a sober and elegant chromatic range, you can achieve a minimalist bathroom design with very few elements by painting the bathroom tiles. You know, less is more. If you want to enhance this aesthetic even more, add some floating shelves with some wicker baskets to keep your products tidy while giving a touch.

It won't look like the same bathroom!

2 - Bring back the white when painting bathroom tiles

On many occasions, we like our bathroom, but it seems to have lost its brightness and freshness. If this is your case and your white tiles no longer have the look of yesteryear, bring them back to life by painting your bathroom tiles white.

Likewise, by painting the tiles in a small bathroom, you'll give it more spaciousness and neatness (if you manage to keep it uncluttered, ahem ahem). A plus when painting the bathroom tiles in white can be to combine them with black faucets, very trendy nowadays.

Add also if you want to break the monotony of white bathroom tiles, colorful towels that you can rotate regularly and change the color palette whenever you want.

3 - Combine colors and get your bathroom just right

Are you one of those who take risks with the decoration or do you prefer to play it safe? If you are one of the first ones you are in luck, the bathroom is no longer a room only beige or white to be immersed in an explosion of color thanks to products such as bathroom tile painting.

Mixing colors is one of the trends when painting bathroom tiles; so much so that we recommend creating contrast between the tiles in the shower area and the rest of the room, or even paint from the middle of the wall to the ceiling in a different color to give it a fun touch.

And not only will you get this "circus chic" effect by following the trends, you can also choose to paint bathroom tiles by hand or colored. Dare to create combinations with elements such as towels, laundry baskets and shelves - sometimes "more is more" works!

4 - Going for the monochrome look is a very effective technique

Single color bathrooms are here to stay and achieving this has never been easier than when painting your bathroom tiles. Whether your bathroom is small or you have square footage to spare, monochrome will give you a great feeling of open space.

No matter how small your bathroom is, there will always be some way to apply this technique. If, despite everything we have told you, you do not dare to immerse yourself in this trend completely, you can choose to use the same color range with different intensities. You will get the same or similar effect without betting everything on the same color when painting bathroom tiles.

Bathroom tile paint brown color
Bathroom tile paint in black color

5 - Eliminate the joints that do not contribute anything

If cleanliness is one of your main concerns and drives you crazy, you'll know what it's like to see those pesky dirty joints taking center stage in your bathroom. Keeping them spotless, as you would like them to be, is time consuming, and sometimes it becomes a risky mission.

Painting your bathroom tiles will make them disappear FOREVER! Likewise, removing them by covering them with bathroom tile paint will prevent the areas near the bathtub or shower from blackening and accumulating bacteria.

6 - Add warmth to your bathroom to make it cozier

If the square meters are conspicuous by their absence in the bathroom, you don't have to settle for decorating it. The best option to turn that mini and aseptic bathroom into a warm and cozy yet modern bathroom is to paint the bathroom tiles.

Opt for light colors if you want to get the most out of the square footage you have. Likewise, by painting the tiles in a small bathroom you will achieve a more illuminated effect.

And as a finishing touch, get a wooden cabinet built into the wall for the sink that will add a lot of storage space while providing a sense of lightness by not having legs. Additionally, the wood will take away the coldness and you will get a magazine bathroom.

Repainting your bathroom has become an easy decision to make, especially with these 6 bathroom tile painting ideas. Also, you will be able to change the color whenever you feel like it. But, above all, because it is an inexpensive change, quick to make and with a brutal effect.

At Smartcret we have the best products to make your bathroom tile ideas come true

To carry out the ideas that we have left you above, you do not need to be a real "superbricoman", but you will need to have the best materials so that you can carry out to perfection any idea to renovate the tiles of your bathroom that you can think of.

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Smartcover Tiles to the rescue to paint bathroom tiles

If you dread the thought of all the time you are going to have to invest in renovating your bathroom, painting bathroom tiles with Smartcover Tiles will surprise you with how easy and fast it is.

In addition, the fantastic adhesion of microcement to all types of surfaces such as tiles, marble, plaster and a myriad of materials, along with the other advantages, have driven the use of microcement in the manufacture of bathroom furniture such as the microcement sink.

Introducing Smartcover Tiles, our extra fast drying bathroom tile paint that allows you a very comfortable application without waiting forever between coats. In addition, you only need two coats to cover the surface and achieve the result you want.

Anthracite color bathroom tile paint
White bathroom tiles

And why is it a must for renovating bathrooms? Mainly because it is a paint that is impermeable to running water, but also because it is easy to clean with commonly used products and is resistant to abrasion and scratching. Almost, almost indestructible.

You only need to decide on the color and let's get to work!

Smartcret's ready-to-use microcement makes it easy for you

Microcement is a great ally when it comes to coating surfaces without the need to remove them previously, so what better material to reform the bathroom without removing the tiles than Smartcret's ready-to-use microcement.

In addition, bathrooms that tend to be small benefit greatly from the ability of microcement to reflect natural light, which provides a greater effect of spaciousness and brightness.

Applying it may seem cumbersome, but nothing could be further from the truth. With our microcement kits for non-absorbent surfaces you will have everything you need to renovate the bathroom without removing the tiles in a very short time and for very little money. We have left you with no excuses, eh!

Finally, whether you choose our paint or our microcement, all you have to do is decide on the color, and then you will be able to realize your idea to renovate the bathroom tiles just as you had imagined! Let's get to work on the renovation!