Microcement in bathrooms: a coating that has no limits

If you want to give your home and more specifically your bathroom, you can not miss the trendy coating: the microcement.

Microcement and bathrooms have become the perfect combination of decoration and functionality due to the characteristics offered by this decorative coating. The microcement in bathrooms will be able to withstand all the inclemencies to which this room is exposed without sacrificing high quality aesthetics.

You can coat any surface with microcement in bathrooms and its unbeatable performance, while facilitating the cleaning of the space, and with endless options in terms of colors, textures and combinations!

Why has it become an essential, microcement in bathrooms?

Microcement bathrooms are increasingly present in all interior design projects. Although it can be installed in any room, microcement in bathrooms increases its popularity due to its great qualities compared to other decorative coatings in humid environments with high traffic and use.

Undoubtedly, microcement in bathrooms allows the imagination of the most creative in the field of decoration to run wild and make the wishes of the most demanding owners come true.

Before and after applying microcement in the bathroom
Microcement in the bathroom on bathtub walls

Advantages of microcement in bathrooms that you may not have known about

Microcement has been used for many years to cover floors and walls in thousands of homes, and even public spaces, but how is it possible that a single material is so versatile?

Certainly this is due to its versatility and qualities that have allowed microcement in bathrooms to become an indispensable element. Discover all the advantages of applying microcement in bathrooms, and you will not regret it!

Resistance to moisture and running water of microcement in bathrooms

If there is something essential in a material to be installed in the bathroom is undoubtedly its resistance to moisture and running water. The microcement in bathrooms, being a waterproof material after applying the appropriate varnish, can be applied on any surface of this room.

Of course, in areas where water stagnates, or exposure to water is constant as a bathtub, shower tray or sink, the microcement system we use must have a special treatment.

Minimum thickness of microcement in bathrooms

Because of its appearance, it is often falsely believed that microcement has a composition with a large volume and thickness, but nothing could be further from the truth. With a thickness of only 2 or 3 mm after application, microcement in the bathroom can be superimposed on any surface.

Floors, walls, cabinets, ceilings, sinks? Everything can be covered with microcement in bathrooms because of its low thickness. In addition, this minimum thickness allows it to be applied on surfaces without taking up space, something very important and to take into account when the bathroom is small.

Minimal maintenance and easy cleaning of microcement in bathrooms

Bathroom maintenance can be a bit complicated, especially when the annoying joints that are constantly present do not stop blackening. When we apply microcement in bathrooms, these unwelcome joints disappear as it is a continuous coating that does not require couplings.

Forget about having to whiten the joints or having to rub them for hours, applying microcement in bathrooms will help you keep the space spotless, effortlessly, how to resist?

Microcement in bathroom with coated floor
Microcement bathroom with coated countertop

An unprecedented installation with microcement in bathrooms

The microcement in bathrooms can be applied on tiles, ceramic, plaster, wood, etc. because of its great adhesion. And thanks to this feature you will not need to remove the previous support to apply the microcement in the bathroom, but can be adhered on it. This will greatly reduce the budget of any reform, we guarantee.

Being able to apply the microcement on any surface without removing it, the application time of this coating will be only about 3 days approximately (which takes to dry). A much shorter period than a conventional reform.

Microcement in bathrooms to prevent slips

Falls when getting out of the shower will no longer be a concern when installing microcement in the bathroom with non-slip finish. The anti-slip property is not present in all microcement coatings by themselves, but is achieved with a special formulation or a specific resin.

You can opt for a non-slip shower tray or for coating the entire bathroom floor with this property, whichever is more comfortable for you when applying microcement in your bathroom.

Compositions and colors for all tastes with microcement in bathrooms

The colors of microcement, along with the possibility of applying it anywhere in the bathroom, allows you to create incredible compositions with the different elements of the bathroom.

The finishes that can be achieved with this coating are unlimited and typical of high decoration, with the ease of being able to apply it with your own hands.

The variety of colors and textures offered is so wide that you have the freedom to choose the product you want according to the style you want to achieve for your bathrooms.

In addition, microcement in bathrooms combines perfectly with other materials such as wood or marble. This allows us to apply microcement in the elements that we want to reform at the same time that coordinates with other pieces that we already have as a vintage sink cabinet or a shelf with steel legs.

Microcement in bathrooms triumphs: the inspiration you needed

Microcement in the bathroom with a relaxing bathtub

Letting your mind go blank while you take a nice bath at the end of a busy day can make a big difference. And what better than to do it in a bathtub lined with microcement in your bathroom that invites total relaxation transmitting a great serenity and comfort with its soft textures.

In addition, you can coat the edge of the bathtub and get a small space where you can have at hand all your bath salts, gels, shampoos... at the same time you keep them tidy.

Microcement in the bathroom to keep order with customized shelves

A neat, tidy bathroom, without even a hair tie out of place? We have just described your perfect bathroom, but now it is no longer just a dream. You can add to your microcement bathroom some shelves built into the wall and covered with microcement to match or contrast with other elements of your bathroom and get plenty of space to store all your accessories.

And if your thing is built-in cabinets, you can coat the doors with the same color microcemento bathroom to make them virtually invisible and enlarge the space.

Microcement bathroom cabinet next to shelves
Bathroom with microcement on countertop and ceiling

Microcement and wood bathrooms: the perfect combination

Wood is one of the most used materials in the decoration of spaces, and undoubtedly, a safe bet for bathrooms. If you are passionate about elegant and minimalist designs, microcement is your perfect ally.

Here's our advice: coat the walls with microcement, include at least one piece of wooden furniture and turn your bathroom into a warm and cozy space. This tandem is the best alternative to leave behind conventional tile and marble designs.

Microcement in the bathroom with a custom-made washbasin

The sink can be the key piece of our bathroom, especially if we make it to measure with microcement. A unique piece that will transform the space taking advantage of every cm2 available.

You can choose to leave the lower area uncovered and use wicker baskets to organize your products for a more rustic touch or a suspended bathroom cabinet if you want a more modern style.

For an extraordinary finish add a mirror to frame the area with a light point suitable for everyday use.

Microcement in the bathroom with a shower that will be a success

You know, there is nothing that resists the microcemento and cover the shower was not going to be less. For its waterproof property and resistance you can have a microcement shower in the bathroom without worrying about whether it will suffer with use.

In addition, as the application of microcement is handmade, you can choose to create a built-in shelf inside the microcement shower in your bathroom with the same color and finish to keep your products tidy without sacrificing harmony.

Bonus track: pour your products in aesthetics glass dispensers that match the style you have chosen to leave nothing of the decoration of your microcement bathroom to chance.

Microcement in the bathroom for an ideal shower tray

And just as we can line the walls of the microcement shower in our bathroom, we can also opt for a microcement shower tray in the bathroom thanks to its non-slip finish.

Improve the style of your bathroom with microcement and make it look bigger by having a shower tray to match the walls and floor, at the same time you can stop worrying about falls. A perfect solution for the whole family.

Microcement in bathroom with wooden floor
Bathroom with white microcement on the walls

Add microcement to bathrooms with walls that accentuate the space.

Bathrooms tend to be small, it is a reality in many homes, but a bathroom with microcement on the walls is the perfect solution to this common problem. Because of its lack of joints and its effect of continuity, microcement in bathrooms provides visual amplitude in an incredible way.

In addition, the microcement in bathrooms is perfect for its ability to enhance natural light that manages to give any bathroom, even if it has a tiny window, a brightness effect that you did not think possible.

And if you are sure that giving a spacious effect to your bathroom with microcement is your priority, opt for light colors without a very marked texture. The final touch? Choose floating furniture or furniture with thin legs that will enhance this effect. Go for it!

Microcement in bathrooms with floors that support (almost) everything

Microcement floors in the bathroom, like the walls, manage to bring great brightness to the room, but being a busy area what is most striking is its resistance to virtually everything.

It does not matter if you walk barefoot with wet feet because the microcement floors in the bathroom are water resistant and slip resistant. Nor will the joints where dirt tends to accumulate be a problem, since microcement floors in the bathroom have no joints, so the maintenance required is minimal.

In addition, the large number of aesthetic and design options of microcement floors in the bathroom allow to achieve very varied decorative styles: from modern to rustic, through minimalist.

How to apply microcement in bathrooms

We assure you that renovating a bathroom has never been easier and more economical than with the Smartcret system. Our ready-to-use microcement is only 3 millimeters thick, so it is able to adhere to any support without the need for prior removal. No matter if your walls and floors are tiled, marble or plaster, this coating can be applied on any material. Forget about doing construction work and filling your house with debris, this coating is ready to open and apply it with your own hands.

Thanks to its extremely fast drying process, in just five steps you can achieve a dream decoration for your bathrooms. You don't need to be an expert in the construction sector, you just need to have basic DIY skills and a desire to enjoy renovating your home.

Do you dare to give microcement for bathrooms a try?

Price of microcement for bathrooms

The budget for a bathroom renovation is usually affected by several factors, such as labor, the square meters to be covered and even the materials to be used in the process. Unlike other coatings, Smartcret's ready-to-use microcement is one of the most economical coatings in the industry. And why is that?

Bathroom with microcement on the grey walls
Bathroom with microcement and wooden furniture and marble

Our coating does not require prior work to remove the existing support because it adheres to all types of material and its application is so simple that you can place the coating with your own hands. So you already have one thing to save: labor.

Forget about scares at the last moment, the price of microcement for bathrooms Smartcret costs the same whether you are going to cover 8 square meters, as 15. Our material has the same price per kit, discover the products we have in our catalog and get down to work with the reform of your bathrooms.

Microcement in bathrooms is for everyone with Smartcret

Now that you know many of the options that exist for applying microcement in bathrooms, you will not be able to resist when you learn about the additional advantages of Smartcret's ready-to-use microcement compared to other conventional products.

With Smartcret's ready-to-use microcement you can make the bathroom you've always wanted a reality without the need for construction work and in record time. And better yet, you can apply it yourself and save a good part of the budget. Open, remove and apply it to make your bathroom brand new again. It doesn't sound bad eh!

Microcement in bathrooms is here to stay, are you going to miss it?