The cost of microcement under scrutiny! Everything you need to know

The popularity of microcement is undeniable, and more and more people are opting for this material for the renovation of their homes. If you already know its benefits over other coatings and you are considering applying it in the reform of your home, this article is what you were looking for to inform you and solve all your doubts about the price of microcement.

The cost of microcement, like any other material to coat surfaces, is calculated per m2. But its cost is not only influenced by the meters of the surface to be coated, but there are multiple factors, such as those detailed below, which are decisive.

Factors that influence the cost of microcement

Microcement is a coating with infinite advantages. Among them, its adhesion capacity stands out, which has made it an essential element in the renovation of thousands of homes.

This adhesion allows microcement to be applied over existing materials without the need to remove them, making it the most economical alternative to stripping and having to apply for building permits, as happens in traditional renovations.

But despite these benefits, when we consider the application of microcement in our homes, there are many determining factors in the cost of microcement that we must take into account.

Cost microcement in beige wall
Cost microcement in living room

The m2 to be coated matter in the cost of microcement

In most microcement application budgets there are fixed costs and minimum working hours, no matter how small the work is. Thus, the more square meters to be coated, the lower the price per m2 will be as the fixed costs are amortized in the price of microcement.

The state of the surfaces, the main factor in the cost of microcement

The works prior to the application of microcement are decisive to know how much the cost of microcement can be. The surface must be leveled, free of moisture and smoothed if it has gotelé or any irregularity, so that no cracks or anomalies appear once the microcement is applied.

It is also vitally important to be aware of the material of the support we want to coat. That is, the microcement can be applied on almost any surface (terrazzo, marble, tiles, plasterboard, cement or plaster) but depending on the material, primers and sealants needed may vary and with them the price of microcement.

The difficulty of the project influences the cost of microcement

The more difficult an application is, the more time investment it requires and therefore the cost of microcement will increase due to labor. For example, it is not the same to coat a staircase with small corners and details as it is to coat a smooth wall without obstacles.

The cost of microcement also depends on the applicators.

The application of microcement is an artisanal and laborious process, which requires very precise steps and drying times to achieve the best results. These applicators often need specialized training and a great knowledge of the products they use, because they must be very meticulous with the mixtures and quantities.

In addition, special tools are needed, such as mixers to homogenize the microcement, trowels for the different effects when applying them, sandpaper with different grains, etc. All this can lead to an increase in the cost of microcement due to the experience of professionals.

The relationship between the quality and cost of microcement

The quality of the products used has a great importance in the cost of microcement. Above all, we must pay close attention when we are looking for a very specific finish, or we want to coat a surface with special characteristics, such as a shower, an outdoor space or a swimming pool.

Cost microcement in gray room
Cost microcement in large children's room

The cost of microcement according to colors and finishes

The color ranges of microcement have increased a lot in recent years. And there are so many options to choose from that it is often impossible to opt for a single shade.

But combining different colors of microcement can increase the price of the application because it slows down the application process and means an increase in the budget for the purchase of materials.

And the same happens when looking for different finishes, with many textures or with extra matte or gloss effect, where specific materials and more hours of specialized labor are needed.

Do you want to save on the cost of microcement? Use Smartcret!

If you do not want the price of microcement in your reform vary, depend on external factors and take a disappointment with the final bill for your renovation, in Smartcret we have found the solution for the cost of microcement does not shoot up.

Our system of application of microcement has a fixed price and much cheaper than a reform with conventional microcement. Do not you believe it? Here are the reasons why the price of ready-to-use microcement is better with Smartcret.

By applying it yourself, you will save on labor and on the cost of microcement

Our "Smartcret Do It Yourself" ready-to-use microcement system has been specially formulated for quick and easy application without the need to be an expert. And because you can apply it yourself, the cost of microcement in your budget will be drastically reduced by not depending on rates and fluctuations.

And how is this possible? This is because the price of microcement usually only accounts for 20% of the total of a conventional budget, so 80% goes to labor. In addition, it is very easy and quick to apply since you only have to follow the steps indicated in the instructions and thanks to its fast drying time you will have your surface ready for transit or use within a week.

Regardless of the meters to be covered, the cost of microcement will be the same

Pay only for the square meters you want to coat. The price of microcement in Smartcret depends only on the meters you want to reform, as there is no initial fixed cost. The proportion of the price will be the same whether you want to coat a bathroom of 15m2 or the entire floor of a house of 90m2.

Cost microcement in gray living room
Cost of microcement in shower walls

Being already pigmented, the color does not affect the cost of microcement

In Smartcret you can buy as many products as you want and a large number of colors, granulometries and different finishes without seeing your budget increased. And how is this possible? Because we do not have a minimum cost and you can buy all the variety of products, colors and finishes you want without worrying about the minimum quantities of each of them.

And because microcement is already pigmented, you do not need to buy separate pigments or an increase in your bill for certain colors. Combining colors has never been so easy!

Smartcret microcement is ready to use, thus reducing the cost of microcement

Smartcret's ready-to-use microcement has been specially designed to be used directly without the need for mixing. This avoids possible errors in the preparation process and the need to purchase more products than necessary (and their corresponding leftovers when the application is finished).

The surface you want to coat will not increase the price of microcement

Floors, walls, entire rooms with a thousand nooks and crannies... None of this will affect the cost of microcement ready to use Smartcret.

Unlike what happens when hiring the services of an applicator, when you make the application yourself will not increase the price of microcemento regardless of the area you want to coat. You decide where to apply the microcement without increasing the budget.

Now that you've seen all the advantages that has the price of Smartcret microcement compared to other products, we know you can not wait to throw yourself fully to all those reform projects in your home. And if you want more ideas to leave your home like new, do not hesitate to visit the rest of our articles for inspiration.

You will get high decoration finishes with microcement ready to use, but at a much lower price. And it is that the good does not have to be expensive.