What a feeling it is to try things out for the first time, isn't it? No matter how much the years go by and how much we mature, there is nothing that can take away the excitement of the first few times.

And, when it comes to inaugurating a house, this emotion is felt even more. Therefore, as we know that you want to take care of every detail of your home, we are going to tell you something that you may not know, but that will change your conception of spaces and decoration: what is microcement and why you should use it in the decoration of your home.

Kitchen with floor decorated with microcement
Dining room with rustic style and microcement flooring Modern living room with microcement decoration Living room with fireplace and microcement floor Bedroom wall with microcement decoration Bedroom with microcement decoration in light tones


Microcement is a decorative coating that offers many possibilities. It has different colors and textures to give a different touch to any room. It is used to cover walls, floors and even furniture. It has a high aesthetic value and is characterized, mainly, by its ease of application, its results and for giving a second life and personality to any space.


Do It Yourself

In general, laying microcement offers many benefits. But in particular, our Smartcret microcement is easy to use because it is ready to use and can be applied on the surface of your choice quickly and easily. There is no need to mix different materials.

Just open the bucket and get to work. It is an option that requires much less cost than any other renovation and is ready in just a few days.

0 waste & 0 debris

We know that one of the most lazy things in the world is to do renovations at home. And is that putting our world upside down with things from one side to another and with builders in between marking the times, nobody likes it. That's why you'll be delighted to know that microcement does not require construction work.

Yes, as you read, it is a material that can be placed directly on the surface of your choice because it adheres to all types of substrates (tile, terrazzo, marble, plaster, plasterboard, etc.).

And, in addition, since we want to do things well, our products are 0 pollutants. We care about the environment. Therefore, our components are natural and free of toxics. Undoubtedly, a very favorable point in decoration.

Microcement and decoration anywhere

Where can you use it? The answer is simple and wonderful: wherever you want!

It is a material that offers many possibilities of application: you can apply microcement on walls and floors. In this way, you can give a different and new touch to every corner, so you never lose that brand new feeling.

In addition, it can be used both indoors and outdoors. So if you are one of those lucky people with a terrace, you can easily change its look and create a new space.

Two types of finishes and seven color ranges

Matte effect walls or better the floor of the room with a satin look? Think about how you want it and do it. Microcement offers two different types of finishes (matte and satin) and an infinite number of colors to create the room you've always dreamed of.

Discover our Elegance Collection and choose the tone you like.

Ease of maintenance and cleaning

Oh, but how I clean it! Don't panic. A little water and neutral soap and ta-da! clean, hygienic and, of course, beautiful surfaces.

Constant renovation

We know that we are people of changing tastes and even more so when it comes to decorating our home. For this reason, microcement is a good traveling companion. And, if you suddenly get tired of the color or finish you have in a space or surface, you change it and that's it. Because you do not have to remove anything, the microcement allows you to apply a product on top of another without any problem and, as we have said, without building works.

As you can see, there are many advantages and options offered by the use of microcement as decoration.

From Smartcret we offer you a wide range of products and a close customer service so that you have no doubts and you can create and renovate your spaces easily.

Now that you know all the features and benefits of microcement, you know that a world of possibilities is waiting for you.

Welcome to Smartcret, do we start?

Bathroom with wall and gray microcement floor Bedroom with gray microcement floor Bathroom with freestanding bathtub and microcement wall Reading corner with microcement decoration