Microcement spatula 8 cm

Microcement spatula 8CM


The spatula for microcement is used for the application of Smart Jointer. Resistant to wear. Aligned and polished blade for a quality application.

The steel blade of the microcement spatula is stainless steel with conical shape and high strength with a handle that gives it lightness.


Description microcement spatula 8 CM

Microcement spatula made of stainless steel and recycled plastic handle 8cm used in the application of Smart Jointer flashing and to stir the microcement before use.

Its ground, aligned and polished steel blade provides excellent results when using the microcement spatula. The plastic handle located in the same plane of the blade with ergonomic shape allows the perfect adaptation of the hand as well as gives it lightness for a more comfortable and agile use.

Uses and applications microcement spatula 8 CM

The stainless microcement spatula is used for the application of Smart Jointer in joints and for smoothing surfaces. In addition, the microcement spatula is also used to stir the ready to use microcement before application.

The microcement trowel can also be used to remove layers of old paint, varnish or remnants of wallpaper before starting the process of applying the new product.

The microcement spatula should be washed with water immediately after use.

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