Barniz con base de agua listo al uso Smart Varnish Repair

Water-based and ready-to-use Smart Varnish Repair concrete sealer


Concrete is highly resistant but wears down over time. With Smart Varnish Repair, you can easily and quickly renew the protective and decorative coat of your concrete floor. You'll attain a professional finish even if you lack expertise, as it's a ready-to-use product that you can be implemented as a do-it-yourself project.

This water-based concrete sealer is ideal for outdoor use. It helps extend the lifespan of decorative coatings by providing extra protection against traffic, abrasion, water, and sun exposure. It exhibits optimal resistance even to hot tires.

Smart Varnish Repair creates a protective film that enhances the curing of concrete. Additionally, it significantly enhances the color of concrete floor and stamped concrete pavement while respecting the original texture of the finish.

Available in 5-liter containers.


More information about Smart Varnish Repair concrete sealer

Smart Varnish Repair is an innovative ready-to-use water-based concrete sealer that does not require dilution. Thanks to its ability to withstand running water and its good resistance to weather conditions and hot tires, it is an ideal choice, especially for outdoor paving such as roads, pedestrian lanes, garage floors, and stamped concrete pavements.

Its revolutionary formula allows the creation of a protective film that adheres perfectly to both dry and wet porous substrates, as well as mineral or cementitious bases, significantly improving the curing of concrete.

Smart Varnish Repair achieves decorative finishes of excellent quality and aesthetic value, enhancing the color of concrete and stamped concrete coatings while maintaining their original texture.

Technical data of Smart Varnish Repair concrete sealer

  • Density 1.02 ± 0.01 g/cm3
  • Dynamic viscosity (L2 at 250 rpm) 14 ± 1 mPa•s
  • Static viscosity (L1 at 20 rpm) 6 ± 1 mPa•s
  • Ford Cup viscosity 4 mm 15 ± 1 s
  • Application temperature between 5°C and 30ºC
  • Touch-dry 1 - 2h
  • Repaint 2 - 4h
  • Drying 24 - 48h
  • Solids 22 ± 1%

Benefits of Smart Varnish Repair water-based concrete sealer

  • Especially recommended for protecting cement surfaces such as roads, pedestrian lanes, garage floors, and stamped concrete floors.
  • Optimal resistance to abrasion.
  • Optimal resistance to water and weather conditions.
  • Significantly enhances the color of stamped concrete and concrete coatings while maintaining its original texture.
  • Optimal resistance to alkalinity and efflorescence.
  • Excellent adhesion in dry and wet conditions, as well as good resistance to hot tires.
  • Ready-to-use and water-based product.

Uses and application areas of Smart Varnish Repair concrete sealer

Smart Varnish Repair water-based concrete sealer is designed to adhere perfectly to porous substrates and mineral or cementitious bases. It is particularly suitable for outdoor paving such as:

  • Roads.
  • Pedestrian lanes.
  • Garage floors.
  • Stamped concrete floors.

Application of Smart Varnish Repair water-based concrete sealer

  1. After 72 hours of the creation of the pavement, wash the surface when it is free of moisture. Apply Smart Varnish Repair concrete sealer using a sprayer at a 30 or 40 cm distance. Cover the entire surface, ensuring an even film application and avoiding thick layers or puddles.
  2. The application should be done at ambient temperatures and substrate temperatures ranging from 5°C and 30ºC, without excessive wind.