Microcement Smart Kit of 8m2 for absorbent surfaces

Super microcement kit 16 m2 for absorbent surfaces

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This microcement kit for absorbent surfaces allows you to renew up to 16 square meters, making it ideal for larger areas. Simply choose your preferred color and finish, and you're all set to transform your space with ease




What products does the 16m2 super microcement kit for absorbent surfaces include?

Our all-inclusive ready-to-use and pre-pigmented super microcement kit for 16 m2 on absorbent surfaces offers everything you need to finally tackle that long-postponed home renovation. Say goodbye to construction work, as this renovation can be completed in just a few days and is entirely achievable on your own, without the need to hire anyone.

Featuring top-quality products, this kit ensures a professional-grade finish even for those without professional experience. It's perfect for enhancing the appearance of interior walls and floors made of plasterboard, plaster, cement, or concrete, along with other absorbent surfaces.

This super microcement kit for absorbent surfaces of up to 16 square meters includes:

  • 2 Smart Primer ABS 1L: exclusive adhesion promoter designed specifically for absorbent surfaces. This water-based and ready-to-use primer plays a crucial role in enhancing the adhesion of microcement, ensuring a reliable bond between the surface and the microcement application.
  • 2 Smart Base 16Kg: ready-to-use microcement for preparation featuring a coarser grain size, providing solidity to the surface before microcement application. Applied after priming, it's not the final finish but enhances durability. Fully pigmented, no mixing required.
  • 2 Smart Liso 6Kg: finishing ready-to-use microcement applied after Smart Base to give the final aesthetic touch to walls and/or floors. It comes pigmented in your chosen color and features a finer grain size, resulting in a smoother, sleek, and silky finish to the touch.
  • 2 Smart Varnish 2L: water-based polyurethane varnish. Ready-to-use, seals and protects microcement from traffic, water, etc. It also highlights the color of the coating. Available in matte and satin finishes.
  • Sanding discs: sandpapers with various grits to sand the layers of the products used and included isandpapers with various grits to sand the layers of the products used and included in the microcement super kit for 16m2 on absorbent surfaces. It includes 10 sandpapers grit 40, 20 sandpapers grit 220, and 10 sandpapers grit 400.

If you'd like, at Smartcret, we offer a comprehensive toolkit for applying our microcement, which is not included in this kit. It includes essential tools such as rollers, a bucket, protective adhesive tape, sanding gloves, and a trowel, ensuring an optimal result for your project.

Technical data sheets for 16m2 super microcement kit for absorbent surfaces

Here, you will find all the complementary technical information and the application process for the products included in our 16m2 super microcement kit for absorbent surfaces.

How to use and apply the 16m2 super microcement kit for absorbent surfaces

  1. Begin by thoroughly cleaning the surface to remove any dirt, grease, or dust. Once dry, use adhesive tape to mark off the area where you'll apply the microcement.
  2. Apply a single coat of Smart Primer ABS using a roller to ensure excellent adhesion of the microcement to the surface. Let it dry for just 30 minutes.
  3. Now, it's time for the ready-to-use microcement. Apply two layers of Smart Base onto the absorbent surface using the Smart Roller polyamide roller, simultaneously smoothing it out with the polycarbonate trowel while wet. Allow 6 hours between layers for optimal drying, and sand each layer with a 40-grit sandpaper.
  4. Moving on, apply two layers of Smart Liso with the Smart Roller polyamide roller, while simultaneously smoothing it out with the polycarbonate trowel for a flawless finish while wet. Leave 6 hours between layers and sand each layer with a 220-grit sandpaper.
  5. Once again, apply adhesive tape. Then, apply three coats of Smart Varnish microcement varnish. For bathrooms or high-traffic floors, consider applying four coats. Wait until 24 hours have passed since the last layer of Smart Liso before applying the varnish. Allow 4 hours of drying time between varnish coats, and sand the first and second coats with a 400-grit sandpaper.
  6. Remember, Smart Varnish achieves its maximum durability after seven days.

Remember to check that the surface is suitable for the microcement mini kit for 4m2 on absorbent surfaces. Address any cracks, dents, chips, breakages, or excessive moisture before applying Smartcret products.

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