Improve the decoration of your living room with these tricks

You watch games, movies and series, have dinner with friends, watch your children's cartoons, eat alone, read, take a nap or sleep late and then go to bed.... The living room, whatever it is, is the part of the house with which we share the most life.

And we know that your living room is your living room, and that you love it very much, but you also have to give it a little love... Although we also understand that you have to respect it because you don't know how or where to start. Don't worry because we are going to give you some ideas to decorate your living room, so you can enjoy together even more.

Super ideas for decorating a living room

Face it. Your living room needs a change aesthetic space or even gain a few meters, that both you and he will appreciate (and you know it). But for this you have to make some small modifications that, take our advice, will improve the room and, above all, the atmosphere.

Let's leave it nice and get a few meters, more amplitude, which will translate into comfort over the days. Here are some tips for decorating your living room.

Art on your walls

Enlarge your living room by putting a painting or mural on the wall of an open space such as a meadow, a river or a sea with the sun reflecting on the water. In the end, it's nothing more than scenes that have a distant vanishing point and take up a lot of space on the wall so that it looks like, if we feel like it, we can step into the wall art and take a walk.

Living room decorated with large rug
Living room decorated with round mirror

Mirror, mirror, mirror... make my living room bigger.

The mirror you put in your living room will not lie to you like the one in the famous cartoon movie. Well, a little bit, yes. Although the meters will remain the same, the visual perception will change and the feeling of spaciousness will be much larger.

Tricks: we advise you to place the mirror on the walls perpendicular to the window to bring natural light. And the rounder and the bigger the better.

Open up your living room

It used to seem that the more rooms and divisions there were in a house, the better. That has changed today and now the trend is to open up spaces, especially if they are small. Let's tear down partitions, remove doors and open up rooms.

Think high to decorate a small living room

If you don't have space at the bottom, look for it at the top. Let's swap bookcases for shelves. Let's look for more agile and compact solutions. For example, you can place one above the sofa. Besides, these are no longer times of big libraries anyway, unless you have a castle. Which seems not to be the case.

No knobs, no handles

In a small room all space is gold. Therefore, to gain it we recommend you to remove knobs and handles to replace them by hangers. In this way, clearing the fronts of the furniture, you gain space while decorating your small living room.

Play with the ceiling

The ceiling is also a fundamental piece to gain space in a small living room. Contrast the colors of the "fifth wall" with the rest of the walls can help you to have a first class living room. We give you a combination: dark gray for walls and bright white for the ceiling looks great.

Idea to decorate your living room: use small things.

This seems obvious but it is very important. If you have a small living room, the furniture and decorative objects you use must be consistent with the space in which they are, or what is the same, that they are small. Small auxiliary furniture can be key.

A small sofa is a big idea

The crown jewel in any type of living room is usually also the one that stands out the most visually. There it stands still, with its considerable wingspan and color, setting the rules for your small living room but don't demand so much because it should be the sofa that fits the living room and not vice versa. In case it helps and you don't know how to fit your sofa in your living room, there are custom-made sofas.

Geometry and small rooms go very well together

Geometric shapes are both subtle and hypnotic. Their lines captivate us and bring an extra depth to our small living room. Combine rhombuses, triangles, rectangles or, simply, straight lines drawn for the decoration of your small living room and achieve an effect of visual order that helps to relax.

Living room decorated with floor lamp
Living room decorated with low coffee table

Useful ideas for decorating a living room

In your living room, every centimeter matters. That's why choosing the sofa, chairs or tables is a very important mission when space is limited and can cost more than usual. Don't worry because here are some style tips to make your small living room look great.

Arms and backs to match your living room

Thick, tall, big are adjectives you should avoid to get it right when choosing the ideal sofa for your living room. In fact, the arms and backrests should be the opposite. Therefore, we recommend that you change these words for lightness.

That sofa, lift it up a bit!

If you want to succeed with your sofa, make sure it doesn't touch the floor. This will be achieved with thin legs that allow air to flow underneath and give a more stylized look to the living room in general. If you need to put your feet up, we recommend a pouf to match the sofa.

Sofa beds, always convertible

In a cramped living room, adapting is a win-win situation. That's why a flexible sofa that can take different shapes depending on the space and your living needs is a great option. In fact, a sleeper sofa is perfectly suited to your living room and your guests because it allows you to optimize space to the maximum.

Living room decorated with microcement walls

Think about the option of buying poufs

The rigid poufs are a great wildcard. They can be used for storage, as a seat, as a bed, as a sofa or as a table. Of course, as we mentioned before, the ideal model for your living room will be an option that is separated from the floor. In addition, there are many textures and colors. So many as to adapt to your living room to perfectio

Low tables can help you

If your living room is not very big, use a low table, and if possible (and you like it) use a round table. Another good option is to change that typical low table in front of the sofa for a nest of two side tables that will increase the feeling of fluidity. Remember that low furniture heights are more flattering.

Small living rooms, big rugs

When it comes to decorating our living room, the rug we choose does not have to be small. Putting a large rug that goes beyond the limits of the sofa promotes the feeling of spaciousness because when you look at the border you will see that it coincides with the edge of the room.

Art on the walls goes on top

To elevate the style of our living room it is convenient to have some works of art, such as paintings, small sculptures or vases. If you place them high up on the wall, where you have to look up to see them, besides being more beautiful, the room will seem bigger.

Vertical pieces... and large

Large works of art are a great idea for decorating your living room. Get one or two pieces for the main walls. Two large pieces are better than 20 small ones.

Thin lamps

When lighting a small living room, use vertical floor lamps that draw the eye to the ceiling. Let side tables breathe and don't clutter them with table lamps.

Screens for the TV, not for the lamp

The lamp to achieve decorative success in your living room is very simple: a single-leg lamp that is thin, without a shade or with a small shade. It's that simple. Pure sophistication.

3 key styles or ideas for the decoration of a living room

There's a style for every taste. Therefore, and as the size is not denied with the atmosphere you want to create, we propose three decorative trends that will help you get the most out of your living room.

Decorating a rustic and cozy living room

This style helps to enhance adjectives such as "cozy" or cozy, which usually accompany this type of living rooms. Reddish tones that tend to cherry or burgundy combined with broken whites, are the option. And, while we are at it, with "real wood color" furniture and some plants, and you will never want to get up from your chair.

Small but modern living room? yes you can!

All the modernity of history fits in your small living room, don't worry. A good team to create a modern and fresh atmosphere is to combine white with light mahogany details. With a white table, its corresponding white chairs with wooden legs, a shelf with white wooden shelves and a sofa, also, white or light and you have a super modern living room.

Living room with shelf above the sofa

Decorating a Nordic living room: modernity and comfort

We are going to give you the tips to decorate your living room as if you had a house next to the Norwegian fjords. First of all, look for brightness and make the most of the space. Your material is any material that brings warmth and your colors are neutral combined with temperate colors. Don't forget that textiles with wool and soft cotton textures are your friend.

Elongated living rooms... and beautiful

They say that "L" shaped living rooms are perfect because they separate the areas automatically. Well, even if your living room is small and has an "L" shape, nothing happens, with the right decoration it will go from being a letter to become a "10".

With an extendable table with a nice tablecloth, to be able to accept more guests if necessary, a long and shallow sofa and use mirrors on the opposite walls and dark colors on the side walls that are longer, you will have a magazine cover living room.

Rectangular living rooms: shape doesn't matter

It doesn't matter the shape of your living room because whatever it is, with the right decorative elements, it can look great.

For starters, the furniture to the wall. This will save you space with a simple gesture and, by the way, you will enlarge the passage area. Large shelves? Of course, but vertically. Carpets? Very interesting because they allow you to delimit areas and that is a great visual break. And finally, using colors like white, cream or gray, you will create a beautiful space that will not seem so small.

Living room decorated with small white sofa
Living room with sofa against the wall

Microcement, an infallible idea to decorate the living room

Walls and floors can not only be key when decorating a living room, but they can also help you to get more meters (at least visually).

That's why applying Smartcret ready-to-use microcement is a great choice for any type of living room. Because, whatever the size, it will make them bigger because.... microcement has no joints! And if that wasn't enough, it comes fully pigmented so that you only have to open the can and start creating.

But that's not all. Using this 100% smooth coating is all advantages. Work in record time and without building work, but with top-notch finishes that will leave surfaces resistant to traffic and abrasion. But you can also save much more money and, since you can apply it yourself, there is no need to hire professionals because with SmartCret, you are the specialist!