Polished concrete: advantages and disadvantages of using it

Not long ago you saw a house in a magazine with a floor finish that you loved. Or maybe it was on social media, or a neighbor's house? Well, it doesn't matter where, the point is that you really liked it because it was very modern and had a grayish look that could also look great in yours. No wonder, because the polished concrete gives your home a touch that makes it look like those New York industrial style apartments that we admire so much when watching the movies.

But before you read on, there's something you need to know. Not everything that looks like polished concrete is. That's why, in this article, we are going to explain the characteristics, uses, advantages and also disadvantages of this material to help you in your choice. Let's go there!

House with polished concrete floor

Polished concrete: what is it?

This material is a layer of refined cement to which the desired colorant is added and which has to be applied, polished, with a special machine. Thus, in its 5-10 cm thickness we find a mixture of aggregates, additives, water and pigments.

Designed for both exteriors and interiors, it is commonly found in parking lots, warehouses, factories, stores, offices and private homes that need thicker pavements prepared to withstand the traffic of people and vehicles, from cars to trucks.

Polished concrete: a unique material for floors

Polished concrete is a material that has a great acceptance by all types of public: application professionals, decoration professionals and users who will enjoy it on the floors of their homes or commercial premises.

We are facing a material that knew how to fall in love wherever it went. First, its use spread to the industrial or commercial field, and then it was welcomed with open arms in the domestic sphere.

Therefore, it is not surprising that you are thinking of giving a whole new look to your home by changing your floor for a grayer and more robust one, to create more modern rooms with uniform finishes, which provide comfort and style in equal parts and that, above all, will make you the envy of all the neighbors.

What are the pros of polished concrete?

  • Made on site with cement, sand and water, it is produced in a completely handmade way.
  • Manual application with a trowel. It is mixed on site. Then it is spread on the forged concrete mesh.
  • Great aesthetic adaptation to any type of environment. With its neutral base, it shares prominence with the decorative style established from a very discreet background.
  • Its uniformity enhances the feeling of spaciousness in any space.
  • Its degree of waterproofing is quite high..
  • Very easy to clean and maintain. With daily vacuuming or even with a microfiber dust mop, it is perfectly maintained. Then, it can be cleaned with water and soap pH neutral and achieve an optimal result.
  • High resistance and hardness, as it is a heavy coating.
  • More than considerable durability.

Polished concrete also has its disadvantages...

  • It can crack. It does not crack very easily, especially if it is applied in environmental conditions that are not very favorable to it.
  • It does not tolerate more abrasive cleaning products, such as solvents, bleach or ammonia, in the case of more aggressive stains.
  • It requires the application of protective waxes every x time so that it can withstand stains and humidity with all the guarantees.
  • Its efficiency as an acoustic and thermal insulator is not very high.
  • Loss of initial brightness with the passage of time.
GaPolished concrete floor in art gallery
Living room with polished concrete floor

Where is polished concrete applied?

It is becoming more and more typical to find polished concrete in domestic floors, in stores or in offices. But, is it really this material? Keep in mind that there are other pavements of similar appearance that are used in spaces like these that are far from industrial. Well, so, let's make a list of home rooms in which it is common to see floors of this material.

Bedroom with polished concrete floor
Polished concrete floor in kitchen


Polished concrete is ideal for use in bathrooms, both for its decorative and functional capabilities. The minimalist style is a guarantee in this material, of uniform color but with contrasts, which mixes soft finishes with order and subtlety.

If you were thinking of renovating your bathroom with this material, you should know that it provides a more than high impermeability, which allows it to give very good performance in humid environments. Whether for sinks, showers or bathtubs, it will behave wonderfully. Of course, it is necessary to apply protective layers so that the surfaces on which it is spread do not absorb water.


If on the other hand you want to reform your kitchen, you should know that polished concrete floors are pavements that combine with materials that are often used in kitchens such as glass, metal or stone. Thanks to its glossy finish adapts to any color that shares space with him. It does not always have to be gray, since polished concrete surfaces can be obtained in colors such as red or black, if you want to create an environment that breathes more elegance.

In addition, tables, chairs, auxiliary furniture, appliances, ceramic cups or plates or the kitchen utensils themselves combine seamlessly with this material to create kitchens that leave a really good taste to their visitors.

Living rooms

Have you ever thought of turning your living room into the brightest room in your house? Thanks to polished concrete you can do it. This has a glossy finish that attracts the reflections of light and, therefore, any tenant. This makes it an ideal material to use on the floors of rooms that demand brightness such as living rooms.

In addition, it fits in any environment which helps it to adapt to the decorative style that is needed. But it is not only a companion, it also brings its charms. When applied in a light tone, it will combine very well with the rest of the decorative elements, or not, that are in the same space. Finally, and although it may seem obvious, but we believe it is necessary to emphasize it: although it is neutral to any style, it is best suited to modern or minimalist styles.

Parking lots, factories and industrial buildings

Perhaps you are less interested, but knowledge about the construction-decorative materials, does not take up space. So, as we have seen, polished concrete is also adapted to the domestic sphere, but clearly comes from the industrial field.

This is due to its resistance to traffic, weight and compression that lead him to become a first-rate ally for this type of spaces that are used to be frequently visited by people but, above all, by cars and vans with weights well over a ton.

Dining room with polished cement flooring

Smartcret ready-to-use microcement: the easy and economical alternative to polished concrete

There is a material that looks very similar (on the outside) to polished concrete. But, it is a very different way to make reforms. Have you ever heard of microcement? Maybe not, but you will be surprised to discover from this moment that many people, we do not say that you are one of them, do not distinguish it from polished concrete, when, if we analyze in depth the characteristics of each of the materials, it seems that they belong to two different worlds ...

Más que diferencias respecto al cemento pulido, que las hay, queremos centrarnos en los beneficios que te puede aportar este material a tu hogar. Razones de peso que son más que suficientes para que te des cuenta que nuestro microcemento listo para usarse puede aportarte muchos más beneficios que el cemento pulido. No pretendemos convencerte, o tal vez sí. Sea como sea, termina de leer ¡y toma tu decisión!

Microcement says "yes" to any surface

Microcement is not an exclusive coating for floors, as is the case with polished concrete. Thus, it demonstrates a versatility to any surface out of the ordinary. Whether vertical or horizontal, interior or exterior, it expands its properties without fear in each and every one of them. And, a secret: this lowers costs because it allows a multitude of areas to be covered with the same material.

Office with microcement floor

It is easier and faster to apply

As it can be applied on any type of existing material (tiles, ceramic, tiles, cement, plaster or plasterboard) without the need to remove the previous ones, it allows the reform to be executed in a much simpler and, above all, much faster way as there are no works involved. This means that you can return to your normal life in the shortest possible time, which is to be appreciated. At the end, the quality/time ratio that it offers leaves us with an unbeatable sensation.

In contrast, polished cement requires more cumbersome handling. The same goes for its workability. In fact, its works require the hiring of external labor and the use of specific machinery.

A much thinner finish that respects the original structure

This is a coating with a maximum thickness of 3 mm. This means that, in addition to adapting to any surface, its presence does not affect the structural loads of buildings, as it weighs very little. Polished concrete, on the other hand, has a thickness of 5 to 10 cm and therefore the finish is much coarser.

It does not crack or tarnish with the ease of polished concrete

In the face of any day-to-day threat such as wear and tear, traffic, scratches or chemicals, microcement shows what it is made of. We would love to say "in the same way..." but we can't say it because polished concrete only shows great resistance to traffic and is more vulnerable to other "attacks".

No need for construction work

This is one of its great advantages, since its application requires neither external professionals nor heavy machinery in any part of the application process! And, of course, as it does not require any building work, it does not generate any type of debris that would mean a more tedious renovation at all levels.

However, a polished concrete floor is not conceivable without simply having to lift the previous flooring. Any work with this material would have a much higher cost if we take into account the transport of all the machines, the workers employed in the work of debris removal and so on.

Do-It-Yourself Renovations

At Smartcret we offer a ready-to-use microcement. Ready for what? Very simple. You cook it, you eat it. Or what is the same, that allows you to reform the space you want in 5 easy steps and with your own hands.

No more having the house full of strangers for a few days. This allows you to obtain totally personalized results since you control the process from start to finish.

Now that you know all the advantages of our microcement against polished cement, you will see that they have no point of comparison although the two have a similar texture.

So, you know. If you want to have a reform in peace, cleaner, faster and you can do it yourself with your own hands, with the savings to the pocket that means, we invite you to stop by our store microcement.

Modern style living room with microcement floor

If you need more information about this way of renovating without building work that has revolutionized the world of construction, we will be happy to help you. Because with Smartcret, your house, your rules!