If Gaudi had Smartcret,
the Sagrada Familia would have been finished a long time ago.

Sagrada familia en obras

Only a few hours separate you from having the house of your dreams. And with Smartcret everything is very simple.

Forget conventional reforms and, above all, the debris. Our microcement products are ready for you to just open and apply them. So easy, so fast and so much fun.

Welcome to the revolution in the world of decoration!

Microcement products

Preparation of the substrate

As in everything, a good base is essential. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare very well the substrate where the microcement will be applied so that the result looks perfect. To achieve this we have these products:

Smart Jointer


Smartcret is placed on smooth surfaces. So, if you are one of those who have tiles, you will have to cover the joints. And, for that, our Smart Jointer will be your best ally.

Smart Primer ABS


Is your surface made of plaster or plasterboard? Then it is absorbent and you need Smart Primer ABS. It will help you prepare the substrate so that the Smartcret microcement adheres better.

Smart Primer Grip


Is your surface marble, terrazzo or tile? Then it is non-absorbent and you need Smart Primer GRIP. It will help you prepare the surface for the Smartcret microcement to stick better.

The revolution in decoration:
ready-to-use microcement

Here we have the heart of Smartcret and of your renovation, which will give that new style to your house that you have been dreaming of for so long. These are our ready-to-use microcements:

Smart Base


It is the key element of the renovation. Its function is to completely cover the existing surface. It is sold pigmented with the color of your choice from our Elegance Collection range.

Smart Liso


It is the visible aspect of the renovation. It is placed on top of Smart Base and gives the final touch to your work. It is sold pigmented with the color of your choice from our Elegance Collection range.

The finishing touch and protection of microcement

If we want our renovation to maintain all its properties intact over time, we need to protect it.

Smart Varnish


The varnish is the last product to be applied. It acts as a protective layer against stains, bumps and sunlight. You can choose the desired finish: matte (opaque or dull) or satin (with a slightly glossy appearance).

Microcement maintenance

Do not let us freak out believing false myths about the microcement and its cleaning because it is very easy and easy to maintain. Simply clean it with PH neutral soaps or with our products designed exclusively for its care and maintenance:

Smart Cleaner


Our biodegradable product for cleaning microcement surfaces.

Smart Wax


Our maintenance wax to provide natural shine and hardness to any microcement surface.

Smart Kit

The tune of Home Improvement is already playing in your head. With our kits you will become a real professional.

Smart Kit


Our customized kit with all the microcement products you need for your renovation.

Kit de herramientas


Our tool kit designed exclusively to offer you the best Smartcret application experience.

We know that no one can beat you when it comes to dreaming. So, you just worry about keeping on dreaming.
We'll create the products to make it happen.

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