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Tile paint without primer Smartcover Tiles

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Ready-to-use water-based tile paint. For easy, fast, and do-it-yourself application. Resistance to water splashes is guaranteed. Its strong adhesion as well. In just a few hours, you'll fall in love with your old bathroom or outdated kitchen again.

Smartcover Tiles is a primer-free tile paint designed to be applied on double-fired ceramics, single-fired ceramics, porcelain stoneware and mosaic. As a highly covering paint, you'll only need two coats for a perfect, professional-looking result.

In addition to its quick-drying feature, this satin-finish tile paint stands out for its good chemical resistance. High-decor finishes for a long time.

Container size: 2.5L


More information about Smartcover Tiles tile paint

Smartcover Tiles tile paint is an innovative water-based coating. Thanks to its ability to withstand water splashes, it is an ideal product for application in kitchens and bathrooms, such as on shower walls.

Because, let's face it, your old bathroom and/or kitchen tiles are not impervious to the passage of time and are in need of a good facelift. Get ready to renew your walls in no time and at a very competitive price.

Thanks to its exclusive formula, our tile paint creates a protective film against soap, bleach, oil, vinegar, and ammonia stains for up to 2 hours after they occur. Stains that are very easy to clean with our specific Smart Cleaner detergent.

Among the many qualities of Smartcover Tiles tile paint, its quick-drying feature stands out. A product that dries to the touch in just 30 minutes. Additionally, it is an environmentally friendly tile paint designed to be applied in only two coats with an 8-hour drying period between them.

Smartcover Tiles tile paint is intended for renovations on ceramic surfaces, such as tiles, stoneware and mosaic. Although its excellent adhesion and compatibility with other materials allow it to be applied even on wooden panels (see technical data sheet for specifications).

Available in 11 colors with a satin finish.

Benefits of Smartcover Tiles Tile Paint

  • Tile paint with excellent water resistance.
  • Unaffected by ultraviolet light (non-yellowing).
  • Adheres without the need for primers on tiles, mosaic, etc.
  • Quick-drying tile paint for easy application.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Highly adhesive tile paint.
  • Professional and durable finish.
  • Good chemical resistance.

Uses and fields of application of Smartcover Tiles tile paint

Smartcover Tiles tile paint is designed to adhere without primer on all types of porcelain coatings such as:

  • Tiles
  • Mosaic
  • Stoneware
  • Double-fired ceramics
  • Single-fired ceramics

Additionally, our Smartcover Tiles tile paint is formulated for use in renewing decorative coverings like wood panels.

Application of Smartcover Tiles tile paint

  1. Prepare the substrate correctly by removing dust, dirt or grease before applying the tile paint. You can use the Smart Cleaner for deep cleaning.
  2. If repair, consolidation or joint sealing of the substrate is required, it must be carried out before applying Smartcover Tiles tile paint. If the surface is painted or varnished, check if it's in good condition. If not, perform sanding or stripping.
  3. Delimit the surface where the tile paint is going to be applied with protective adhesive tape.
  4. Apply 2 coats of Smartcover Tiles tile paint with a brush or short-haired velourex roller. Allow 8 hours of drying time between coats. If the coverage is not sufficient, apply a third coat.
  5. The total curing time for Smartcover Tiles tile paint depends on environmental conditions. We recommend letting it dry for approximately 7 days before use to achieve its maximum resistances.

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