Bedroom decorating ideas to make the room of your dreams

If there is a space in our home that has to be cared for to the millimeter, it is the bedroom. In it we spend a third of the day and, without a doubt, it is where we find peace and harmony on those days that get uphill.

One of the great tips given by interior designers is to keep the bedroom as simple as possible, regardless of the decorative style chosen for the room. You have to be able to achieve a space that creates a sense of refuge and calm in the midst of chaos. To achieve this, we are going to give you a bedroom decor ideas to make the most of it.

Three kitchen decor ideas according to the experts

The time has come to renovate the bedrooms in your home from top to bottom and your body knows it. You do not need to spend a kidney in the reform, just take into account a number of factors.

We are going to give you a few tips so that you do not make it uphill and let your imagination fly with the decoration of your rooms. Let's start.

Uniformity of colors is basic

The color of the walls in interior spaces is one of the most important things to take into account. It not only influences the style of the room, but also the atmosphere generated by it. Some colors convey calm and harmony, others, the opposite effect.

Interior designers recommend to go for neutral colors, why? They are able to recreate a cozy and elegant sphere. In addition, one of their great advantages is that they can be combined with many other colors and materials.

Here is a small decorative tip: to decorate your room with neutral colors we recommend you to play with different textures. If the wall of your bedroom is going to be smooth, bet on putting a wool rug of different color and linen curtains. Even if you want to go further, include some rattan furniture, one of the trendy decorative elements, both in interior and exterior decoration, and that certainly combines perfectly with the neutral chromatic range.

Bedroom decorated with a golden microcement wall
Bedroom decorated with white microcemento wall

Mirrors, more than just an element for looking at oneself

The options for choosing mirrors are unlimited, they go hand in hand with personal tastes and preferences. Of course, it is of vital importance the area you choose to place them. So pay attention to the ideas we are going to give you to enrich the decoration of your room with mirrors.

The first thing to keep in mind is that the higher you hang the mirror, the more depth you will give to your room. We advise you to place it near a source of natural light to bring brightness to the room.

However, both the design of the mirror and the place where you decide to place it will be influenced by the use you are going to give it. If you are more into checking your outfit before leaving your bedroom, give full-length mirrors a try. If, on the other hand, you want to let your creativity flow, you can play with the size of several mirrors hanging on the wall. You can try both options!

Artwork on the walls: decorate the room like the masters

Walls are a great help when it comes to filling a room with life, but how can you achieve this? Quite simply. Playing with paintings, murals and even photographs. The secret of decorating the room with all these elements lies in playing with space and geometric shapes.

As with mirrors, the possibilities of combining paintings and photographs are unlimited and depend on personal tastes. Even so, we want to give you some tips so that you will be able to make the most of the room.

One of the compositions that has been in trend for years, is to place a series of pictures or photographs of different sizes, forming a rectangle. For a balanced look, we recommend that you place the large pieces at the ends.

If you are not particularly excited about reloading your walls, you can place two to three pieces of different sizes on a piece of furniture that, in turn, rests on the wall. If you add a vase with flowers to this composition, the decoration of your bedroom will be trendy. On the other hand, if you do not want to get too complicated, you always have the option of placing a single large piece on the wall.

Tell us what your room is like and we will tell you how to decorate it.

A house is a space of constructive plurality that is divided into independent rooms of very different shapes, extensions and constructive characteristics. Thus, under the same roof coexist from the double room with those of the smallest, to the middle brother or the attic. Now, we are going to give you some tips with which you will be able to adapt the decoration of each room to the aesthetic and personal needs of each one, regardless of whether the people who sleep there get up to go to school or to go to work.

Who said bedrooms are only for sleeping? If yours has plenty of space, you can take advantage of that extra distance and invent a kind of living room with an armchair, a sofa and a coffee table. If, for example, the decorative style of your room is rustic, we recommend covering the coffee table in capitonné.

Bedroom decorated with picture on the wall
Children's bedroom decorated with microcement on the wall

A youth room that grows with the children

Your children grow up and that brings a change in their tastes, especially when they hit the "growth spurt". It is here, in adolescence, where it seems that everything has to change completely? But don't worry because we propose a key change so that, for very little money, your room looks different. We propose to paint it in black and white colors, so that it is always modern and combines great with natural light. Continuing with the style. Of course, don't forget the posters of your favorite series!

Small room but with room for everything

That a room is not very generous in meters, does not mean that it can not have class and be well used. For example, we are going to give you some tips so that the lack of space is not a problem. For example, introduce a bed with a chest, transform the headboard into a closet, sliding doors for cabinets and use light colors.

The bed: a vital element in the decoration of a bedroom

Before we get down to work with tips and advice, we must be clear about one thing: the most important element of a bedroom is the bed. So yes, the decoration of the room you have to center it around her.

The first step will be to find the best arrangement of this element with respect to space and the source of natural light. If you watch TV or read in bed, you know what to do: orient the bed to have a layout according to your habits.

The choice of bed also depends on whether the room is large or small. If you are looking to decorate a small room, the bed you place has to be low. This will expand the visual field without detracting light, giving a feeling of spaciousness. However, in a larger room you can afford to have larger furniture and even include a sofa or armchair.

Now, whether the bedroom you want to decorate is small or large, you can make the most of the bed. Don't know how? Don't worry, we'll show you.

Choosing the ideal headboard is a great bedroom idea

The decoration of your bedroom can be directly influenced by the choice of the headboard. In addition to being an element of high decorative value, it also has a functional purpose as you can lean on it to read or watch TV.

The choice of its size will influence the perception of the dimensions of the room. In rooms with high ceilings it is more common to find beds with high headboards. The opposite happens in small rooms, where we recommend using those that are shorter to gain amplitude.

If your plans do not include a headboard in the decoration of the bedroom, no problem, you can occupy that space with a large painting or a composition of pictures and photographs. Let your creativity flow!

Hotel bedroom decorated with water effect on the wall
Bedroom decorated with coffee table and armchair

Cushions and bed linen: resources for decorating a bedroom

And to top it all off... Bed linen!

Another way to bring colour and vitality to a bedroom is with the use of cushions and other textiles. If the walls are going to be plain and neutral, let yourself be carried away by the variety of colours and textures, and bring out your most creative side.

To recreate a bright and hygienic atmosphere, play with a range of light colours for your sheets, blankets and duvet covers. You can play with darker tones if the walls of the room are white and you don't want to make your bedroom décor too monotonous.

Furniture that are kitchen decor ideas

Interior decorators recommend that bedroom decoration should be kept as simple as possible to achieve that relaxed and cosy look, regardless of the style you choose. Without cluttering the room too much and choosing the proportions of the furniture well, we advise you to place it with the focal point, the bed, in mind.

Here are a few tips on how to decorate a room like an interior designer with the help of conventional furniture.

Bedside tables: a great support for the bed

If there's one thing you can't go without in the decoration of a double bedroom, it's two bedside tables. As well as being in keeping with the overall style of the bedroom, they must be practical and have enough capacity to hold everything you need at night (and even in the morning).

As with any decorative element, there are a thousand different styles of bedside tables: there are wooden, white, rattan and even glass ones. You just have to choose the right size and design to match the overall decor of the room.

You can place a lamp on them and give them more prominence, or place a floral arrangement accompanying a photograph. Whatever you decide to place on them, bear in mind that you have to play with the shapes and height of the objects to improve the visual structure of the room.

Wardrobes and chests of drawers can also be used to decorate the room.

When choosing the wardrobe you have to take into account that its size has to be in accordance with the amount of clothes you put in it and the dimensions of the room. It is very important that it does not obstruct natural light. If it is not a built-in wardrobe, we recommend that you take into account the measurements and location of the bed.

If even with a wardrobe you need more space to store your clothes, give chests of drawers a try. You can place it in a bedroom or, if you have one, in a dressing room as far away from the door as possible, so you can give the room more space.

Youth bedroom decorated with posters
Bedroom decorated with cushions of different sizes

Lighting: much more than an idea to decorate your room

One of the most important elements when considering how to decorate a room is the lighting as it can affect the way you see everything else, from the colour of the walls to the bed and the curtains.

Ideally, the space should have plenty of natural light, if not, we are going to give you some tips on how to make the most of the lighting in your rooms.

Interior designer's tip: custom-made lamp for the bedside table

In addition to the main light source, such as the ceiling of the room, we recommend that if the bedroom has a double bed, two custom-made lamps should be placed on the two bedside tables. This way both sides will be well lit.

One more idea. One of the trends that is revolutionising the interior design sector is the use of a strip of LED lights above the bed. This option gives users the freedom to play with the different colours of the lights, bringing intimacy and personality to the bedroom.

A decorator's tip: curtains on the side!

To make the most of the natural light that enters your room, we recommend placing curtains to the side of the window frames. As well as maximising the light that enters, you will create the optical illusion of having high walls and larger windows, which is priceless when you see the room from the outside, let alone when you are inside it.

If you want to bring a much more elegant style to your bedroom decor, install curtains that drag a few centimetres on the floor. You can combine the curtains with sheers in different shades to create a more colourful space.

Low budget to decorate your room? Using microcement is a great idea

As we told you at the beginning of this post, walls are fundamental in the decoration of a room. But hey, so is the floor. We believe that there is no better way than covering them with microcement.

Why is this so clear to us? This decorative coating, both for vertical and horizontal surfaces, does not generate joints, so giving the space a sense of spaciousness is already a reality.

What's more, this material has the ability to reflect natural light. So yes, your bedroom will be much brighter than with other decorative coverings.

Decorate the walls of your room with microcement

Few construction materials have such a clear impact on a space. In this way, microcement, thanks to its finishes, the textures it allows you to achieve and the extensive catalogue of colours available, can help you to turn your walls into an element that plays a leading role in the decoration of any room.

Bedroom decorated with white bedding
Room decorated with beige microcement on the wall

Microcement flooring: a pavement for life

Microcement is much more durable than other materials. If we add to this how easy it is to clean and maintain, when applied on the floor to decorate a room, we can obtain floors that look as good as the first day for an unlimited period of time, which is a decorative milestone. If we add to this the ability to adapt to any style.... What more can you ask from a covering?

Smartcret: the great decor idea to change your bedroom by yourself

At Smartcret we offer you a ready-to-use microcement so that you can decorate your room by yourself. A perfectly mixed and pigmented material so that all you have to do is open the bucket and start applying. Its application is so easy that you can do it with your own hands without hiring outside labour or filling your house with rubble, as it adheres to any existing material, whether it is plaster, tile or marble without any work.

This makes it the perfect material for Do It Yourself renovations, since you set the rules and, above all, do everything to your liking. This is the best bedroom decor idea if you want to save time and money. If this is what you want, enter our store and get the kit you need, bring out the decorator in you!