Microcement flooring: the material your home needs

Changing the floor of your house can be quite a drama; rubble that never seems to end, having to find a place to stay while your house is bogged down, checking the plans so as not to mess up with hidden installations when raising the floor, all the paperwork for the permits... And the cost of it all!

But all this is only because you still don't know all the advantages of microcement for the floor of your home. This continuous coating has countless virtues compared to other options in the reform of the floor of any space, as it can be applied on the existing surface without the need to remove it and therefore, without rubble, works, or heavy machinery.

In addition, microcement on the floor is highly resistant and its wide range of colours has allowed it to be applied in all kinds of decorative styles. There is no application that resists microcement flooring.

Microcement flooring; a match with many advantages

The benefits of microcement flooring are many, which is why more and more homes are opting for microcement flooring in their renovations. Convenience in application, a reasonable price and above all finishes worthy of an interior designer that can be completely customised.

By installing microcement on the floor of your home, you will avoid having to use machinery to remove debris and the minimal height of the microcement allows its application without detracting from the feeling of spaciousness of the space.

Microcement floors resist and last, a lot

The resistance and durability of microcement make it a great option for covering floors and other walkable surfaces. Microcement on floors will resist scratches, abrasion due to its high mechanical resistance, knocks, etc. Microcement flooring can even be waterproof or non-slip if specialised sealing products are used.

What could be better than a covering that survives the day-to-day life of a home in perfect condition, without having to "tiptoe" around it to avoid damaging it.

Grey microcement floor in kitchen
Brown microcemento floor in living room

Microcement for continuous floors without never ending joints

The application of microcement on the floor of your home completely eliminates the joints in the surface, creating a continuous coating that helps to create a feeling of spaciousness.

And as there are no joints, the maintenance of the microcement floor will be extremely easy as it does not accumulate dirt in the joints. A renovation that will make your home more hygienic and easier to keep spotless.

Great adhesion of microcement on all types of floors

No matter what flooring you currently have, microcement flooring is for you. Its great adherence to practically all surfaces allows it to be installed without any problems on marble, terrazzo, tiles, plasterboard, plaster, etc. You can even apply it to underfloor heating, as microcement flooring does not affect conductivity.

The only case where microcement flooring will not be an option is over parquet. Not because of a problem of adhesion, as microcement can be applied on wood, but because of the mobility of the parquet, which can cause cracks in the microcement floor after application.

Microcement on the floor respects structural loading

There are materials that are so heavy that they can change the structural load of a house when they are installed. Fortunately, this is not the case with microcement flooring.

Unlike other materials, the thickness of microcement once applied is about 2-3 mm, which together with its low weight due to its composition does not affect the structural load at all. And even better, you won't even have to sand the doors when applying microcement to the floor of your home.

Unleash your creativity with the colors of microcement flooring

We have good news and bad news for you. Our microcement systems have so many colors and textures that, in addition to having fun in the process of choosing, you will find it hard to decide on just one.

Gone are the days where it was only synonymous with the color gray, the time has come to let your creativity flow hand in hand with this material and its infinite combinations.

Do you want to create a warm and cozy atmosphere? Go for earth colors for the floor. If, on the other hand, you are more of a fan of elegant and sophisticated finishes, we recommend that you cover your spaces with a range of neutral colors. However, for outdoor flooring we recommend the range of chocolate colors with sandy tones to give your terrace a more original touch.

And you thought you had few options, eh!

Microcement flooring grey colored
Basement with microcement floor

Where to put microcement flooring? In the room you want

Microcement flooring can become the best ally of all your renovations. Once you apply it in a room and see the results that this material offers, it is very, very difficult to resist its charms in other areas of the home.

Do you want to see some of the options available to you? Get ready!

In kitchens it keeps the floor safe

The kitchen floor is under constant threat, either because it is the room where we spend the most time or because food and drinks are in constant danger of being spilt.

This is because it is such a busy space used by all members of the household that there is nothing better than a microcement floor that is resistant to scratches, abrasions and even knocks.

Moreover, it is impossible to keep the kitchen floor constantly clean (unless you always eat out), but with a microcement floor you will be able to clean it easily, quickly and without the need for 20 specialised cleaning products.

Dans les salles de bains, ils protègent de l'humidité

Coming out of the shower wet, splashing the floor when you wash your hands, leaving wet towels lying around... All these situations occur constantly in the bathrooms of most homes, but the microcement floor and its resistance to damp have managed to stop this being a drama.

With the right sealant, your microcement floor will resist the use of your bathroom by the whole family (even the most careless members). So, if you're renovating your bathroom, there's no better choice for microcement flooring.

And the best thing is that when you apply microcement on the floor, the joints of the previous coating will disappear and with them the difficult task of having to keep them spotless all the time.

In the bedroom, the days are not good, they are better

If you thought that microcement is a bit impersonal or cold, you couldn't be more wrong. Bedrooms with microcement flooring convey great serenity and comfort with their soft textures. And the wide range of neutral tones available make microcement flooring a great option for a long-lasting, high-quality rest area.

Outdoor microcement flooring? Yes, of course!

As you know, outdoor surfaces are continually exposed to the adversities of sudden changes in temperature according to each city and climate. For your terrace or the area around the pool, give microcement a chance!

Microcement flooring in bathroom
Beige microcement flooring in a kitchen

A material capable of resisting everything that does not yellow and that in turn, is the latest in the field of coatings. The microcement pavements in the exterior give excellent results, are endowed with a high resistance to shock and abrasion that make it the perfect coating for walkable areas such as gardens or porches. In addition, there is no material that withstands sunlight as well as this one. And if you give it that punch by applying our ready-to-use varnish, you will increase its resistance to rainwater.

Is microcement the best option for covering outdoor floors or not?

How to apply microcement flooring?

Now you will see how the application of microcement on the floor has no major secret, you just have to follow a few steps and get the necessary tools and products to help us succeed in the process.

Step-by-step process

First of all... We condition the work surface, place the mesh and apply the primer. Secondly, we apply two coats of preparatory microcement. This will serve as a support for the finishing microcement. Next, we apply two coats of finishing microcement to achieve the texture and color we want. And, we conclude by applying two coats of varnish and two more of sealer, which will protect the surface.

Install a microcement floor yourself with Smartcret

Yes, Smartcret microcement is so easy to apply that it can be applied by everyone on existing surfaces such as tiles, plasterboard or floor tiles, without the need to do any construction work or mix anything. All you need to do is open, shake and apply. And that's it, with just this you can get professional results even if you are a private individual and have never picked up a trowel.

To apply our ready-to-use microcement on the floor and look like a real pro, the first thing you need to know is that the application process changes depending on the support to be coated, since the products to be used will be one or the other. But don't worry, in Smartcret we have designed two microcement kits so you can choose according to the surface.

If you have a marble, terrazzo or tile floor, you should use our kit for non-absorbent surfaces. You will first use Smart Jointer to fill the joints after cleaning and preparing the substrate. Then, you will apply our Smart Primer Grip primer that will facilitate the bonding of the microcement on the floor. Two coats of Smart Base (microcement preparation), two more coats of Smart Liso (microcement finish) and finally protect the floor with our Smart Varnish varnish. And brand new!

On the other hand, we also have a kit for absorbent surfaces such as plasterboard or plaster. Clean the dust and grease from the support and then apply our specific primer Smart Primer ABS and then give the first two coats of microcement preparation Smart Base. When they are perfectly dry, apply two more coats of Smart Liso finishing microcement. To give a final touch and your floor is shiny and beautiful at all, protect the microcement floor with Smart Varnish varnish Smart Varnish. Enjoy it!

Microcement floor in a small bathroom
Brown microcement floor in basement

Save on the price of microcement flooring with Smartcret

If we talk about money, for starters let's make one thing clear from the beginning: the microcement is much cheaper than other materials by not requiring works to change from top to bottom a space and lighten installation times considerably.

Now, having said the great universal truth of this coating compared to others we will delve into their types because among them there are price differences. The types are: the conventional, which must be installed by professional applicators and Smartcret ready-to-use microcement that can be applied by individuals without further complication.

In the case of the former, the final cost may vary depending on several factors. This will depend, for example, on the amount of square meters to be covered, whether the professional has to move or what characteristics have the surfaces to be renovated, as some of them require specific techniques that can increase the value of the reform.

And now let's go with the ready to use Smartcret, which to not beat around the bush, we tell you that it will allow you to save on the renovation of your home. How is this possible? Well, very simple, because it is Do It Yourself, that is, it can be applied by anyone who wants to renovate their bathroom, their kitchen or? your entire house, without having previous experience in application of microcement.

And what does this mean? Well, our product has a fixed price because you save the intermediaries, hiring labor. That is, the square meter of Smartcret always costs the same, without variables or last minute scares.

Problems with a microcement floor? They can be avoided!

Yes, although it seems that the microcement is an interstellar material, with properties worthy of another galaxy, it also has its keys and problems can arise before, during and at the end of its application.

Setbacks such as the appearance of cracks that usually appear when the surface to be coated is not in good condition and is neither repaired nor cleaned. Sure, boy, what do you want? It is necessary to give a little love to the supports before applying microcement. Although, to tell the truth, if we look for culprits we will have to do it outside our packagings since in the great majority of cases, they are usually external factors.

Let's go with humidity. This can appear for two reasons: one, when it is already in the area to be coated and is not removed and, secondly, when the primer is chosen and the choice is wrong. This has to be the right one for the characteristics of the room to be renovated. It is also very important to properly seal the substrate so that moisture does not appear.

However, from Smartcret we guarantee that if the instructions are followed, no cracks, fissures or crazing will appear, and the finishes obtained will look like those of an expert applicator.

Beige microcement floor in kitchen