Sanding disc 40 grit (pack 5 pcs.)

40 grit sanding disc (pack 5 pcs.)


The 40 grit sanding disc attaches to the sanding glove for different materials such as Smart Jointer.

It provides maximum adaptation to the hand and surface shapes for optimal and easy sanding with the sanding disc. It is a highly durable product for a uniform finish. It will produce results that will improve the quality of the work.


Description of 40 grit sanding disc (pack 5 pcs.)

The 40 grit sanding disc has been specially manufactured to adhere to the 150 mm sanding glove for manual sanding of microcement surfaces. The 40 grit sanding disc is mainly used for sanding the surface after the application of Smart Base and Smart Jointer.

The degree of durability and strength of the 40 grit sanding disc will depend on the material on which it is used. In addition to the uses mentioned above, it can be used to remove paint and non-finish coatings.

Uses and application 40-grit sanding disc (5-pack)

40-grit sandpaper discs are used to sand Smart Base microcement layers as well as surfaces where Smart Jointer filler has been applied to smooth them after drying. It can also be used to remove paint residue and non-finishing coats.

When using the sanding discs, it is advisable to wear protective goggles, gloves and a mask to avoid inhaling the sanding residues.

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