150 MM Smartcret sandpaper gloves

Sanding gloves 15 CM


The manual sanding of surfaces during the microcement application process becomes a simple task thanks to the sanding glove.

Its Velcro handle allows a perfect adjustment of the sanding glove to the hand and therefore a great comfort during the polishing process. We manage to transform the hand into a precise and quality sandpaper. It offers a maximum adaptation to the shapes of the surfaces.


Description sanding gloves 15 CM

15 CM sanding glove with adjustable velcro handle for sanding surfaces during microcement application. The sanding glove allows the fitting of 40, 220 and 400 grit sandpaper.

Its flexible composition allows complete adaptation to all surface shapes for optimal comfort during sanding. Surfaces where the sanding glove can be used are wood, metals, microcement, varnishes, etc. on vertical and horizontal surfaces.

Uses and applications sanding gloves 15 CM

The 15 CM sanding glove fits over the hand by means of a Velcro handle for easy sanding of horizontal and vertical surfaces. The sanding glove is designed to fit 40 grit (Smart Base and Smart Jointer), 220 grit (Smart Smooth) and 400 grit (Smart Varnish) sandpaper.

When sanding surfaces, it is important to wear gloves and goggles for eye protection, as well as protective masks to avoid inhaling the sanding particles that are generated, if necessary.

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