Kitchen renovation tips to get a dream kitchen without building works

Kitchen renovations can be a real nightmare, to be honest. From hiring masons and the cost of labor involved, the debris resulting from raising the floor or wall and even possible delays in the works that can leave you and your kitchen in checkmate for longer than expected. A list that if we go on could be endless, but we don't want to give you any more headaches.

However, all is not lost, what if we tell you that you can completely transform your kitchen without any work? As you read, there are very attractive alternatives so you can reform your kitchen without annoying works, with a modest budget and in a very short time.

Kitchen renovation without any work

With our tips we assure you that you will have the kitchen you have wanted for so long without any construction work. Take note and forget about depriving yourself of cooking your favorite recipes, cleaning at all hours to prevent debris from invading your home and leaving your savings along the way. Don't you believe us? Read on!

Kitchen renovation with white painted tiles

Best ideas for a kitchen renovation within your budget

Going into a kitchen renovation means having to change your routine completely for a while, not to mention the financial outlay involved. How wonderful it would be to be able to save both, right? We promise you that renovating a kitchen without building work is possible, it just takes determination, finding the right materials and following our advice.

And you don't need to be a handyman, far from it. Here are five ideas for a kitchen renovation without building work. If you take them into account, in just a few days you will be releasing new kitchen and showing off your culinary skills.

1. Paint: a great ally to renovate the kitchen without works

One of the most interesting alternatives to reform the kitchen without works is to give it a coat of paint, or two. A small gesture like painting radically changes the appearance of this room. A way to modernize your kitchen without works cheap and most effective.

Our advice is not to be afraid to innovate and choose the color that best matches the furniture and lighting. It is up to you to paint the walls, the furniture, the floor or everything at the same time. One thing is clear: the before and after renovating your kitchen without any work thanks to the paint will be remarkable and long-lasting.

Quickly kitchen renovation by painting the walls

The first thing you usually notice when you go to the kitchen is the wall. Giving it a touch of color will completely change this environment without any work or waste. Sounds good, doesn't it? Even if you decide on a white tone, it will give it a clean and harmonious feeling.

Outdated kitchen furniture? Paint them and brand new kitchen

Who says the wall, says the furniture. Have you never thought about it? If you think that the furniture of your kitchen has not been painted for a long time, try painting it (if it can be painted over, of course). With a coat of color you will give it a new life and you will have a modern kitchen without works and for little money.

In case you have previously painted the kitchen wall, combine the color of the wall paint with that of the furniture. Tip! Contrast strong tones on the walls with light tones on the furniture or vice versa. You will be the envy of your neighbors when they know that you have renovated the kitchen without any work yourself, in such a short time and with an amazing result.

Kitchen renovation with wooden floor

Not to mention kitchen renovations: long live tile paint

Another alternative to the dreaded kitchen renovations is to paint the tiles. In many cases, the tiles are old and worn, the colors don't look quite right, or they simply have to go out of style. Or maybe not.

The solution? hold the roller for me! With just a few coats of tile paint, you'll be able to notice the difference. In a short time you will have your kitchen ready without any work and with a renewed look. We guarantee it!

2. New faucets: savings and aesthetics for your new kitchen

Have you thought about renewing the faucets? Although it may seem a priori an insignificant change, it is a very effective way for kitchen renovations without works while easy, practical and very economical.

Depending on your tastes and the needs required by this space you can find: high or low spout, removable, hinged, and with different finishes that will bring a plus of personality to your kitchen.

A space like the kitchen is not conceived without a faucet, so any change you make in this regard will mean a major transformation of the aesthetics of the kitchen. Goodbye cumbersome works!

Kitchen renovation with black faucet
Kitchen renovation with hanging light fixtures

3. The lighting: simple and effective change in kitchen renovation

One way to reform the kitchen without works is through lighting. If you also want to save on the electricity bill and give it a modern touch, we recommend replacing light bulbs with LEDs. Among its advantages are easy installation, longer life than a conventional bulb and low light pollution.

We do not forget the hanging lamps to illuminate the table, island or countertop. Depending on the material and the combination with the rest of the furniture, you can have a kitchen with a unique and personal style: boho chic, navy, modern, industrial, rustic, vintage... and we could go on.

4. Kitchen renovations: the importance of small details

The kitchen is usually one of the most used rooms in the house. All the more reason to take care of the decoration, don't you think? For this, it is not necessary to invest large sums of money. A spice rack, aromatic plants on the countertop, original centerpieces, minimalist or gastronomic paintings, wall clocks ... to the taste of the consumer.

Who said that small details don't count? Renovating a kitchen without pharaonic works is not so complicated and this is the best proof.

Kitchen with tiles to renovate
Kitchen renovation with microcement

5. Microcement: an DIY idea to update your kitchen renovation for 2022

But if there is one element that makes the difference is microcement, don't you know what it is? It consists of a decorative coating that is easily applied on a wide variety of surfaces without works in between and with amazing finishes: walls, floors, countertops ... anything you can think of!

A material of absolute trend in interior decoration, where the kitchen takes the palm. It is a coating that is compatible with an infinite number of materials such as tiles, plaster, plasterboard, cement, terrazzo, gresite?

Three reasons to renovate your kitchen with microcement without construction work

Here are the main reasons why it would be a mistake not to use microcement for your kitchen renovation without construction work.

  1. Ease of application. Using Smartcret ready-to-use microcement is as easy as following the instruction manual. You don't need any DIY experience! In addition, it does not require construction work, so you will avoid debris and possible damage.
  2. Attractive finishes. Microcement has a wide variety of finishes that will give a unique touch to the surface you decide to apply it to: walls, floors, etc.
  3. Economical. For little money you will be able to carry out a professional kitchen renovation without building work with your own hands. See for yourself!
White kitchen renovation without works
Kitchen renovation without works and plants

How to do a kitchen renovation with microcement almost magically

  1. A brand new countertop and you will renovate your kitchen without any construction work.
  2. How to save on the purchase of a countertop? If it does its job, but you don't like its color or texture, change it! With microcement you can give it an industrial and modern touch that will make the kitchen look with different eyes without requiring works.

  3. A continuous floor, economic and without works for the kitchen.
  4. Microcement has many advantages such as ease of maintenance and hygiene thanks to the absence of joints, creating a continuous and attractive floor. In addition, you can forget about having to lift the existing floor, as it is applied on top of many surfaces: marble, terrazzo, etc.. This saves you from having to do any work in the kitchen, a space that is usually busy 24/7.

  5. Stain-proof kitchen walls with no need for building work
  6. One of the most interesting features of microcement is its ease of maintenance and cleaning. It does not usually stain but if it does, you will only need soap and water to remove it and leave the wall as good as new.

As you have seen, it's easy to renovate a kitchen without building work and in an economical way - no excuses! And Smartcret makes it even easier with our ready-to-use microcement kits. All you have to do is choose the color and texture, the rest is a piece of cake. Cool or not cool?