Microcement kitchen: get inspired for your next refurbishment

Have you been dreaming of the ideal kitchen for years? This room is the nerve center of most homes, but it does not always have a functional design that suits our needs or is not fully decorated as we would like. The time to get a fashionable and resistant kitchen with materials that adapt to any decorative style has come with the application of microcement in the kitchen.

A versatile and easy to apply and maintain material that will more than meet all your requirements. The microcement in the kitchen sweeps, and above without works. In addition, you can combine the microcement in your kitchen with other materials such as wood or granite for a perfect composition of colors and textures.

Microcement in the kitchen, the room where its advantages stand out

Microcement is a material with enormous potential due to its properties that allow it to withstand all the hustle and bustle of a kitchen; high temperatures, running water, high traffic, etc.

Definitely, microcement has managed to conquer the kitchens of much of the world and turn them into a current space, whether rustic, modern or industrial style. Do you want to know in depth why everyone has fallen in love with microcement in the kitchen? We bring you up to date:

Microcement in the kitchen for an infallible resistance

It doesn't matter where you apply microcement in your kitchen; floors, walls, countertops? If the application is correct, microcement will be able to resist (almost) everything. This is due to its composition, which results in a coating that is highly resistant to abrasion, compression, traffic and chemicals.

You will be able to work comfortably in your kitchen by not having to constantly worry about its condition.

Microcement in kitchen with black walls
Before and after kitchen with microcement on floor

Put the microcement in the kitchen without the need for works

If you are looking for a reform of your kitchen without works or debris, the microcement can become a great ally. Thanks to its great adhesion, microcement in kitchens can be applied on any surface, either vertically or horizontally and on any type of material. And even better, its thickness of about 2/3mm allows to apply the microcement in the kitchen without reducing its amplitude.

Likewise, microcement in the kitchen will allow you to adjust to your budget without having to give up the quality you are looking for. How is this possible? Because you will save all the money you have to spend on removing the surface and debricking.

Microcement kitchens gain in waterproofness

A kitchen designed with materials that are not waterproof is synonymous with disaster. Therefore, in your kitchen renovation you should opt for materials that are resistant to running water and moisture. No matter if you coat the countertop closest to the sink or the wall where you constantly splash, the microcement of your kitchen will remain intact.

Champion floors with anti-slip function

In addition, you can turn your kitchen's microcement floors into non-slip to avoid slips and small accidents while you move around the kitchen like a real chef, so that you can focus all your senses on what really matters: the food.

Guaranteed continuity with microcement in the kitchen

How uncomfortable it is to have to clean those small joints in the kitchen where food debris accumulates, and how unhygienic! Microcement kitchens do not have this problem, by creating a continuous coating joints are not necessary, thus preventing the proliferation of germs and bacteria.

Total decorative versatility

Through its handcrafted application, it allows you to achieve a large number of textures and finishes, as well as its wide range of available colors. It will adapt perfectly to your decorating preferences.

Our advice? Opt for a base in neutral colors in the microcement of your kitchen to be able to vary the style of this room as often as you like by changing only a few small pieces.

Microcement kitchens are easier to clean and maintain

Is there anything better than a kitchen where you can cook with the peace of mind of knowing that everything that gets dirty will be easy to clean? A little water with detergent or our cleaners for greater effectiveness is enough. That is the maintenance that microcement kitchens require. And if you want them to look like the first day, with our waxes they will be preserved wonderfully.

Microcement for the kitchen: a timeless material with many uses

If you have already been dazzled by the characteristics of microcement in the kitchen, you will be amazed to see how many options you have available. And when you apply microcement in your kitchen, in as many elements as you want, you will get a design that will not go out of style. You will find it hard to choose just one option.

Similarly, the decorative styles to which the microcement adapts in the kitchen are countless, you can achieve a modern, industrial, contemporary and even rustic or vintage style with these ideas:

Microcement in small kitchen
Microcement in open kitchen

Microcement in the kitchen with a sturdy and trendy wall

What a danger those sticky hands have while cooking or children eating anything containing chocolate (or rather spilling chocolate) while running.

If you have lived these situations more than once and you are fed up with having to scrub these stains, the walls covered with microcement in the kitchen will save you more than one displeasure. The easy cleaning and low maintenance of microcement walls in your kitchen will allow you to keep the room clean as a whistle despite its continuous use.

In addition, if you have a small kitchen, using microcement in the kitchen to coat the walls will multiply the natural light for its ability to reflect it. Bonus point: If you want more storage, but that does not detract from the visual amplitude, coat the cabinets with the same color as the walls and you will make them go unnoticed.

Microcement backsplashes in the kitchen? Of course!

What wall gets more stains than the kitchen backsplash? Practically none. The kitchen backsplash is one of the most punished areas when we cook, so it must be resistant and easy to clean. And clearly, microcement in the kitchen is the key to have a backsplash in tune with your kitchen without sacrificing the protection that this area needs.

Another option is to apply it in unison on the backsplash and countertop to create a continuous coating that will prevent the accumulation of germs and bacteria by not storing food debris in the joints and easy cleaning of splashes.

Microcement in the kitchen: the floor you've always wanted

Take a moment to think and make a list of all the things that go on in your kitchen on a daily basis; kids running around, your pet running around, drinks being spilled all the time.... TOO MANY.

Another option is to apply it in unison on the backsplash and countertop to create a continuous coating that will prevent the accumulation of germs and bacteria by not storing food debris in the joints and easy cleaning of splashes.

Microcement kitchen countertops: beautiful and foolproof

The countertop can be one of the most expensive pieces to replace in a kitchen. But what if you could cover your existing countertop with microcement? This is one of the best ways to change the aesthetics of your countertop without a large outlay by applying microcement in the kitchen.

If, on the other hand, you do not want your new countertop to be conditioned in shape or design at all, you can choose to create it from scratch and even give it curved shapes. The creative freedom you get with microcement in the kitchen is absolute.

And all these aesthetic advantages accompanied by its great resistance that makes it a durable and quality option.

Microcement in large kitchen
Microcement in white and gray kitchen

Microcement islands that are the center of attention

It is clear that microcement in the kitchen is a winner, but if you want to achieve a differentiating element, opt for an island clad with microcement that presides over the room and takes all the attention.

Also, as the microcement has great impermeability when the correct sealant is applied, you can install in your new island a sink with a modern faucet with a high spout and hinged spout that will be practical and elegant.

Plan the layout ahead of time and think about whether you will need to add a plug socket on one side to make it more functional and be able to have your devices plugged in while cooking.

Save on the renovation of your kitchen with microcement Smartcret

If architects and designers are increasingly using microcement in the kitchen in their projects, why stay behind? With Smartcret's ready-to-use microcement you can have a state-of-the-art microcement kitchen without spending your salary and applying it yourself.

And no, it won't take you 1 month to have your kitchen ready, since Smartcret has an extra-fast drying time to reduce waiting periods between coats when applying it and to be able to recover your normal life and use the kitchen in record time.

In addition, you will keep your kitchen much more hygienic and better preserved because of its easy maintenance and cleaning, unlike other materials, so you can continue doing what you love.

A new original and unique design of your microcement kitchen is waiting for you with the color or combination of colors you want and all the advantages we have seen throughout the news: non-slip, resistant, bright, waterproof, stylish... And what are you waiting for? Enter our store and let's get going!